Crazy blue/yellow architeks at LVR!

  1. Heh, i think they're awesome. But then, I'm Swedish so these bring out the patriot in me. ^^
  2. yeaaa they're awesome, i would get them, they'll go so well with jeans and a nice off white shirt! brings out the funkiness! :graucho:
  3. I think footcandy shoes might get these as well.
  4. :lol: I do like the bright colors, it really pops. It does make me think of Ikea and Sweden. Now I have to go get some lingonberry pancakes!
  5. I saw that Footcandy would possibly be carrying these and I couldn't wear them, but that's mostly b/c they are Univ of Michigan colors to me. LOL I think the black/red combination is the best in this shoe.
  6. I love that color combo, the CL boutique in NYC will also be carrying that color combo.
  7. I think they are really cool! I like them!
  8. Quick! Someone buy those! I'm a Spartan so I really should hate those colors but wow! That's one gorgeous shoe.
  9. Wow those are gorgeous! I just got a new yellow leather bag!!!
    I think they would be a great summer shoe...jeans and a while or yellow shirt! Hot!
  10. love them! I'm a UCLA bruin so those colors are perfect!
  11. I like them!! The black and red is still better though :yes:

    Mmmm lingonberry.. :drool:
  12. Makes you wonder what is next!! I can see all kinds of color combos. Ok they can at least do these in nude patent.
  13. ^^^^Exactly a nude patent would have been a top choice!!
  14. Agree..nude patent would be a yummy color! Definitely would buy them.