Crazy and in love * 2...

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  1. I can't beleive that I am doing it again. My DD commented, "the forum makes you even more addicted than before" she is so right.

    Well, I went to Stockholm today again. Had a day off from work. The train going there was 1.5 hours late, and I had to stand all the way home. The journey is 1 hr. But what happended in between was a lot better...
  2. ^ ooooh how exciting :biggrin:
  3. Oooooooooooooooooooh :yahoo:
  4. Here we go
  5. oooh keyring or a cuff in the smaller box!
  6. Double naughtiness I see!
  7. something else in small box..
  8. An alexa?? I can't remember what you have already...
  9. I don't see anything...
  10. Doesn't look like an Alexa handle.

    Oak Bayswater???
  11. The thread indicates my feeling after buying the Alexa two weeks ago... Impossible to know what all of us have. I had this one and rehomed it two years ago...
  12. Little one
  13. cute little bays ;) will it have a big sister?!
  14. Yay, you got it Lillemy
    PICT0156.JPG PICT0159.JPG
  15. wow, it's beautiful! :love: