Crazy about Lace-up Pumps? Yay or Nay?

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  1. Do any of these catch your eye? I'm thinking I reeeeeally need a pair of these lace-up pumps.

    Kenneth Cole (Zappos)

    Seychelles (

    Marc by Marc Jacobs (Zappos)

    Stuart Weitzman (

    Chloe (
  2. Nay :sad:
  3. I don't like them.
  4. They are not my style, however I thnk they would look cute on someone else...and I'd choose the Marc Jacobs.
  5. I like them. The Stuart Weitzman ones I like best.
  6. ^^ ditto to the Stuart Weitzman
  7. nay for me...i like the sw best too
  8. i personally don't like them..they're not my style...
    i've seen ppl pull it off nicely tho..
  9. I love Chicago! I'm here for a conference, and I am in shoe heaven!

    Within a block of my hotel is a Neiman Marcus, where I tried on the Chloe lace-up pumps that look like these, but they actually have laces. They were absolutely adorable, but I decided they would be even cuter with a matching heel instead of the wood. For $800 I decided to pass.

    So then I went across the street to Stuart Weitzman, where I tried on these. They are so much more gorgeous in person than in this photo. They fit like an absolute dream, and for less than one-half the price of the Chloe's I couldn't pass them up. I just returned after wearing them to dinner, and I am wearing them at this moment. I don't want to take them off.

  10. Nay it's not my style.
  11. YAY all the way! I'd wear these constantly with black slacks at work. Love love love!
  12. mmmm....not my style!
  13. Nay....I don't care for them.
  14. Nay. Looks too Victorian and clunky for me.
  15. Nay for me
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