Crazy About Accessories!

  1. Before I came upon this site I was all about the matching wallets and wristlets. I was truly content. Now...I am addicted to all of the cute little accessories. It's all your fault!! :nuts::yes::p:wlae:

    Here's are latest little babies:heart::
    [​IMG] [​IMG]:love:
  2. Congrats those are soooo cute. ENJOY !
  3. Congrats!

    The flower coin purses are super cute! I got the orange flower this past summer!

    How are you going to use it? I put all of my coins in there and attached it to my bag, but then my bag got too heavy LOL so now I don't even know what to do with it.
  4. I have a couple of summery bags that I may use them for.:idea: Then I have my yellow Bleecker Duffle and my magenta Bleecker Duffle.:idea: I don't know for sure!:sweatdrop: Oh...why do you confuse me so???:nuts::lol:
  5. Nice. I love the pink one of course. :biggrin:
  6. Very cute.. and bright what great taste you have!!
  7. Congrats, tooo cute!
  8. I want one of those SO bad!
  9. Very cute! I love them!
  10. Those are too cute!
  11. Those are sooo cute!!!:yes:
  12. admat97, congratulations!

    Those are so cute! Great pieces to add to your collection! :tup:
  13. Those are great! Perfect for spring/summer! :smile:
  14. Those are so cute too...I love the accessories too although I have yet to purchase any.
  15. How adorable!! LOVE THEM!!!!:drool: