Craziest thing I have ever heard! Buyer is a loon!

Dec 19, 2007
I think ebay needs to start implementing an IQ test before people are allowed to register! This is one of those things that is so pathetic I cant decide whether to be upset at them or just feel sorry for them.

I recently sold an older gently used authentic Coach Soho bag. It was the black signature canvas with the C's. Now the title of my listing was : Gently Used Authentic Coach Soho Pouch

In my description I stated the following: This is the signature black C on black background jacquard.

Now I get an email from the buyer this morning stating the following:

I wish for full refund on fake bag. I recieve bag and it looks good like picture but it is not real chanel. It has other name of coach on it. I purchased black C bag which as all know C is Chanel bag. You made me think I found wonderful price bag as you said guaranteed authentic. But it is bad fake doesnt even have right brand name and no card either. Please tell me how to return to you to get my money back as I want real chanel not chanel imitation coach brand.

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This woman thinks that every bag that has a C on it is chanel?!! Never mind the fact that no where in the auction was the word chanel ever used and it only stated that the brand was coach in oh 5 or 6 places! The sad part is this woman has like 12 positive feedback and a few of them are for chanel items so you would think someone that buys chanel regularly would not mistake a coach for one. I dont know whether to refund her or not. I wrote her and explained to her that she purchased a coach bag not a chanel bag and to please refer back to the auction and read it.


Mar 16, 2007
Maybe it's time for her to take a class on handbag brands.
C is for COACH. Interlocking C's is for CHANEL.

Know your bags before you bid, lady!

There's no need to refund her. She bought the bag out of her own stupidity thinking it was Chanel, so she should be responsible for it.
Plus, did she really think she was buying a Chanel when the price is for a Coach bag?!
Jan 18, 2006
That has GOT TO BE one of the funniest things I've read here in a long time! I feel soooooo bad for you. I almost feel sorry for her but there is no way in the world I would take that bag back and refund her. Any dispute she files will be laughed at.

Good luck!