Craziest Celebrity Accidents

  1. Kimberly Stewart and the Wild Hawg

    Paris Hilton and BFF Kim thought they were quite adorable making their way down the 2004 Maxim Hot 100 red carpet perched on choppers. Then in a moment of divine intervention, Stewart's hog took off with her, making this whole scene much more bearable.

    Roller Coaster Endangers Wildlife and Models

    For those terrified of coasters, Fabio gave them one more reason to steer clear of the thrill rides. In 1999, during a 210-foot drop on Busch Gardens' then new Apollo’s Chariot, the supermodel’s face somehow collided with a goose. Fabio returned to the station a bit bloody, but he suffered no serious damage to that moneymaking mug. The goose, however, was not so lucky—it died on impact.

    It's Not Easy to Party

    We all know Lindsay Lohan parties hard and has suffered everything from exhaustion to a crashed Benz because of it. While living it up at last fall’s NY Fashion Week, LiLo broke two bones in her wrist after she slipped. She claimed the venue was at fault for not being careful enough in preventing people from such fates. Right—it had nothing to do with the cocktails.

    Abdul the Activist

    Paula Abdul takes on the tough issues. After receiving an unsanitary manicure in April 2004, she was in and out of the hospital with an infected thumb and became the butt of a national joke. The experience motivated her. She testified before the California legislature, asking for unified safety standards in nail salons. While she has fully healed from this ordeal, her reality show, Hey Paula, indicates she may be suffering from a variety of other ailments.

    Aeon Flux—Worth a Hospital Visit?

    After three and a half years of gymnastics training for her demanding role in Aeon Flux, Charlize Theron suffered a spinal injury just 10 days into the shoot that delayed the 2004 production for a couple of months. Most tragic of all, the film opened to awful reviews, and no one saw it. Oh, well, we imagine her Oscar win just a few months later probably helped with the healing.

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  2. A Real-Life Pirates Moment

    In what seemed like a total Jack Sparrow moment, Rolling Stones guitarist and Johnny Depp muse Keith Richards decided to enjoy his 2006 Fiji vacation by picking coconuts. However, he isn’t quite as young as he thinks he is, and he plummeted from the 16-foot tree and suffered a mild concussion. Ever the good sport, Richards asked if he could reenact the event in the third Pirates movie.

    Horseback Riding Harder Than Dancing?

    Madonna put a damper on her 47th birthday celebration back in 2005, when she wound up in the hospital with three cracked ribs, a broken collarbone and a broken wrist. The horseback-riding novice learned it was a much more risky hobby than grooving promiscuously in stilettos. Luckily, she recovered in time to release her album Confessions on a Dance Floor and follow it up with a killer tour.

    Another Mysterious Hasselhoff Injury

    While shaving one early morning in 2006, David Hasselhoff claimed to have somehow shattered a chandelier that then crashed down on his hand, severing four tendons. The Hoff was rushed to a nearby hospital, where they put his wrist in a cast. It’s a strange anecdote, we know, and judging by the Internet video that surfaced earlier this year, we wonder if there isn't a bit more to the story.
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