Crazed Canadians .....

  1. did you get your super 7 tickets for tonight....
    35 Million, whats on your list of purchases ?
  2. I got mine, and I have lost on my list... :smile: bags bags and more bags .. hehehe

    Would you share? Yep I would... I have been scoping ebay for bags for my friends./and limited bags for myself.. I have a lot on my list .. LOL
  3. :weird: Seriously! Wasn't it also 35 millions like... last week? :weird: Oh god I need to go get one ASAP hehehe! If I win, I'm sooooo buying bags!!!! :lol: And quitting my job for the summer before going to Uni lol.​
  4. i thought this thread was going to be about hockey -GO OILERS!! :nuts: hehe

    otherwise, i think money will be well spent on going back to university, moving out, or just buying my father some new stuff, like a car or something.
  5. No last week was 30 mill, and no one won...

    bags, bags,bags isnt the word... i will be come LV's vip in one day :biggrin: with my shopping. My s/a will love me :biggrin:
  6. shopping for family is alway nice :biggrin:

  7. my bf is on the way to get some! thanks for the reminder! i did go in at work though on some tickets too
  8. I've got my ticket as well....there would be lots of sharing and lots of shopping:smile: I work for the gaming comission in Alberta and there could be another draw rolled over for next Friday, depending on how profitable it is for the ILC. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a bigger jackpot next week.
  9. Good luck to both of you :smile:
  10. i have the winning ticket.. haha i wish..
    id get a new house an a closet the size of my beloved mariah carey stuffed with Lv's ... sigh.... a girl can dream..
  11. Works for me too,
    i'd get a new house too :smile: and use one bedroom as my dressing room.. HEHEHE

  12. Ack!!! I DIDN'T WIN!!!!!! :cry: But there are TWO winners and BOTH from my province!!! Waaaaaaaa!!! I'm green with envy :P
  13. Darn I have yet to check my tickets and I knew that two people won, but I was hoping they would be from Ontario!!!!
  14. wow only 2 winners..
    maybe I won something small :biggrin: like 250K LOL