Craving python

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  1. I have decided that I need a python bag. I don't want to break the bank, though. Any affordable suggestions? Pics, please!
  2. I haven't seen any affordable ones but i am on your side! i want one also.. i found a cute gucci one and it was a fortune!!! it was like 3000 plus. keep me updated if you find any cute ones! sorry i couldn't help//
  3. I know Belen Echandia has some python clutches. They're around $800 plus those pesky customs fees. I think Jackie also mixes python with regular leather too.
  4. Yeah python is so expensive! The gryson ones are beautiful but I'm settling and planning to buy a BE with trim in the future for 800 bucks. The all python clutch is more expensive then the trim bags.
  5. I saw a couple of yummy Cromia python satchels at my TJM but even at their prices, they were $599.
  6. They still aren't cheap, but you can find a bunch of Chloe python bags on eBay at any given moment. Between me and my mom, we have 3 different Chloe Python Silverado bags and I honestly believe that Chloe makes the best python bags.
  7. What about the beautiful ones that Meg posted about they were $500 and gorgeous. It was Zagliani I believe.:hrmm:
  8. Try has some beautiful snake bags.She's one of my favorite designers.
  9. I like the chloe python and the gucci w/ bamboo handle
  10. PM sent!
  11. Yeah, unfortunately you are looking at spending at least 1000. But python is great and you will have the bag for forever!
  12. 2nd the Chloe Python Silverado - gorgeous purse and will last forever, but you probably won't get an auth one for less than $1k (which is still a great deal considering they went for MUCH more when they first came out).
  13. I agree- they were actually called D'Angel. I just LOOOVVVED them sooo much! check out they had been sold out but maybe you could preorder/special order! good luck!:tup:
  14. i am tempted by the D'Angel, but it doesn't fit over the shoulder. They are so pretty though.