Craving purple-need opinions and some suggestions...

  1. I am looking for a new purple bag and have found two that I like. First is the Linea Pelle Angie Speedy. I like the size, colour, and the fact that there is a detachable strap. I also love LP's leather. Sale for 450.00 at Kataphileo plus 10% discount.[​IMG]

    Or the Lumi tote from Luna Boston. I like the size, colour and the luscious leather. I am looking for an unique shade of purple and would prefer to be wear the bag on my shoulders and a detachable strap is a bonus. [​IMG]

    I am open to other suggestions as well. Thanks so much in advance.
  2. I love love love the LP. I have not seen either of the colors but I am a huge fan of LP. BUT I have been eyeing that Lumi tote for awhile....the leather looks similar to linea pelle. My vote is still the Angie. Hope that helped ;)
  3. belen purple.jpg
  4. kings_20, I'd go for the LP. I've got an 'iron' LP Dylan Bowler being delivered tomorrow, my first - can't WAIT for her to arrive. I choose the gray color because I'll use her as a work bag, so I didn't want anything to compete with my regular handbag I'll carry as well. The shade of purple on the LP you're thinking about is gorgeous - not too loud, yet still packs a punch. The NUMBER ONE THING: Hand straps PLUS the shoulder strap - I am so looking forward to that!!! Well, OK, maybe the NUMBER ONE THING is the leather - but I can't say for sure, as I've never had an LP before - my Dylan Bowler will be my first. Can't wait!
  5. I love that BE LM in purple. So pretty!
  6. Purple is my weakness. Those two bags aren't that purply though. I really like the Moni Moni purple leather and Kooba has some new purple leather bags for spring.
  7. YSL has some purple bags. Check out the YSL forum for pics.
  8. I love the BE 'Love Me' bag.......
  9. The BeEs nice, but out of my price range. Looking to spend under 500.00. Keep the opinions coming.

    IndiaInk, Enjoy your new LP! I'm sure that you will love it.
  10. louis vuitton has a very nice and strange colour
    its purple mixed with brown
  11. The Lumi looks more sturdy, like a work tote, and the LP looks like a casual purse. I haven't seen the Lumi IRL but the LP leather is super soft. The edges are unifinished, however (at least on the handles and straps - that's why I didn't buy one).