Craving Kusama...

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  1. Aghhhh seeing all your lovely pics has made me crave a Kusama Speedy piece now, but I can't afford it until next Friday :nogood:

    Please send positive vibes that there will be some left!!
  2. Visualizing you holding a kusama bag of your own:smile: Hope you find one at the store waiting for you.
  3. I hope so!
  4. i'm closing my eyes and sending you all my good vibes that what you are looking for will still be there for you!!!!!!!;)
  5. *Fingers crossed* I'm sending you positive vibes that you will still be able to get a Kusama speedy..:smile: what color are you planning to get?
  6. Not sure, probably blue or red, will have to see what is available.
  7. :smile: Hope they have what you're looking for when you go in!!
  8. hope you get your Kusama Speedy next week!!!
  9. My fingers are crossed for you!

  10. Sending good vibes for your Kusama..... Red is a good choice.

    Good Luck!!:smile:
  11. Thanks all! No Speedys left in London at the mo, but I'm on the waiting list. New delivery expected next week.