Craving Canard

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  1. Hi all, I was thinking of purchasing something new in Canard. On the Bottega website it looks like teal, but I was wondering if it might be close to turquoise. I'm not fond of the color teal, but Canard seems to look different in pics I see.
    I wear turquoise jewelry and love it, so any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. Thanks, that was a great thread. I like it but I think I would prefer a lighter turquoise. I think they made it last season or previous seasons. I'm late to the game:smile:
  4. No harm calling the outlets? You never know? There might be a stray one lying around. I'll PM you my SA's contact.
  5. I'm out of town but I should be home by Wednesday. I also have Native American jewelry. I'll pull some out and post shots of it with the canard bag. My pieces are varying shades of turquoise. At least it might help you decide if the canard is too teal for your jewelry.
  6. I agree that a good SA can be amazing when it comes to finding things.....
  7. Awe... Your so sweet:P
    Thanks so much! I'm addicted to anything turquoise .
  8. Great idea! I really appreciate that:biggrin:
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    I used my iPad for the photos & reduced them but I am not a photographer. I had trouble getting the canard to look in photos like it looks irl. I put it with both navaho and zuni jewelry. My best Navaho pieces are old so they are a more subtle color of turquoise but I tried to include a variety. The last photo is the only one taken outside. I hope this helps, although if you can, I'd haul some pieces to a BV store and check them out with canard. Or, get a bag on consignment to try with your pieces, as you can always return it. By the way, since I never wear this jewelry anymore, I didn't even think of using it with the canard pillow. Now that I've seen it out, I would definitely wear them together, as it blends much better than my photos show......

    The squash blossom necklace in photo 4 has turquoise that has a definite green sea glass cast to it, but I decided to add it since you might have some of that shade also. The turquoise in chunky necklace at the end is also a little bit of a sea glass color. The Zuni set (#5 & 6) and the bracelet are the most traditional turquoise shades that I own. I think this may be more confusing than helpful!

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  10. Those a beautiful peices Diane!
  11. Thank you. My ex-husband used to buy it for me. He came in handy now and then! :smile: I have given a lot away but kept a few favorites in case I ever get back into it...... But it tends to be heavy, especially the concho belts.
  12. Wow...Diane I am speechless! Not only are the photos amazing, but you took your time to do this! What a doll you are:smile::smooch::
    The bag really is such a pretty color. I will have to try it at home for sure.
    I want your jewelry! I used to have a few pieces in the late seventies, but gave away or lost in moving etc.
    I design jewelry, so I use a lot of leather, sleeping beauty turquoise and even mix it with rosegold at times.
    Thank you so much for doing this and adding such beauty to this thread:P:heart::hugs:
  13. I collected throughout the 70's and 80's but eventually stopped wearing much of it. I have an artsy cousin that I gave a lot to. But I held onto these just in case of what, I don't know.

    I think the canard is more versatile than I expected it to be. Maybe you could pair some of your jewelry designs with BV pieces and share photos of them, or better yet, some modeling shots, with us. It's fun to see how others use their BV's and it's a great way to get new ideas for color combinations, etc.

    BTW, there are a number of Native American jewelry posts embedded in the jewelry forum. Some of the ladies there have huge collections that are so interesting to see......

    Hope you find the shade of turquoise leather that works for you!
  14. Diane, you've done a great job of capturing the intensity and depth of the canard leather. It is deeper and bluer than most turquoise that you typically see. I've only got a few small ones myself and your pictures get the point across very accurately.
  15. :faint:
    Gorgeous, all of them.