Craving Black City...

  1. It's been a while since my first BBag (and I am still madly in love with my BI Day which is all wonderfully soft and slouchy now!!)..and am contemplating my 2nd bag...probably in ~2 months. :graucho:

    I really want a black city. I don't have a black bag and I would love it just in time for fall, it would be something I could use from ~Sept til spring of next year which is great as I only like to switch bags about 2x a year (I'm lazy!). I like the First but I think with my height I could pull off a City and I am used to the internal size of the Day now and don't want to give that up.

    So here's the Q I need assistance with. What year has the 'best' (aka most soft, slouchy, squishy, nonwhiteveiny) black leather in your opinion? I know that basically I'll need to find one on eBay in a good leather year OR I might get lucky and have Fall 07 black leather be fabulous (does anyone know if that is the case?) I really only have the two options.

    Any assistance in determining which year might be the best OR if anyone has information on how 07 fall black leather is shaping up, I'd appreciate the assistance. Trying to do my mental research now so that when the time comes I am READY!! :smile:

  2. I just received my black city today and I have to say the leather is amazing! I love it so much. It is so thick and wonderful that it will age beautifully.
  3. Thanks for posting that, I totally did not see that link...I have been sporadically reading lately!! Sounds like this season's leather is pretty tasty...does anyone have any idea if they'll still have blacks in stock in a month or two? Or am I floating into NEXT season's stock/leather then?? I am not super familiar with how Bal stocks their seasons...esp with Black which is kind of a staple.
  4. I think in a month or two they'll still have this season's... unless they sell out as this season has great leather so people might be 'stocking up' on classics lol
  5. Hi, Mara! Haven't seen you around these parts in awhile. :p My 05 black city has great leather, but this year's bags also have great leather. It's up to you if you want a new one or used.
  6. Hi Mara! 05 leather is pretty awesome, but goes at a premium these days especially if it's mint. That said, I have a beautiful 06 black city that is totally veinless, thick, and smooth as a baby's butt all over! So you can luck out and find some really nice black cities from any season, really.

    I went to NM SF recently and they had an awesome black PT from F/W 07 that was pretty darn smooth and luscious. My SA, Peggy, mentioned that they had recently gotten some black Cities in. You may want to give her a call and ask her about the leather -- she is VERY patient and willing to answer lots of detailed questions.
  7. Go for it! I have a black city and it's my most used b-bag. It goes with everything and is a year-round classic!!
  8. I personally am partial to the 05 leathers. I have an 05 black city and love it. I actually had an 04 black city that I sold (regretably), but I got lucky when I scored an 05 shortly afterwards and its even nicer!

    Its a thick, matte almost moist like leather (I hope that makes sense). No crinkles. No veins. No shine. Just a thick matte black leather.
  9. I think it is really important to see the bag in real life.

    I got 2 black cities from the same season--it says "2007 1" on the tags--> does that mean s/s 2007?

    The bags are completely different. The bag on the right was dry and veiny, a smoother texture; the other bag (on the left) was so soft and smooshy. I of course kept the smooshy one.

    Here are some close-ups so you can see.
    IMG_5728 rs.jpg IMG_5729rs.jpg IMG_5731rs.jpg IMG_5730rs.jpg IMG_5920rs.jpg
  10. I personally prefer the current a/w 07 leathers of all the leathers i've seen/touched from different seasons! Now is the time to invest in the classic black in the current season!
  11. i bought a F/W Black City and totally love it!!! the leather is really good and i agree wit mintpearl that its a good season to invest in one!! cos i will never know when will i find a 05 one.. lol..
  12. I really love the new f/w leather. I've never touched '05 leather IRL but if it is anything close to the f/w black city I have then I understand why bbag owners of '05 bags loved the leather so much.
  13. Decisions, decisions! Thanks for the additional information ladies.

    Lizz...yeah I figured out of sight out of mind right? BUT that only lasts so long as you well know!

    KD...maybe we'll have to check out NM SF in July and see what they have. I would love to see and touch the 07 f/w. Also, can you bring yours, I want to manhandle it!! hehe.

    I figure if I can't find one locally that I love, then I might try my hand at eBay for an '05. We shall see how it pans out, I suppose!

    Thanks again for the tips ladies!! Hopefully within the next few months I'll be posting pictures of my new black city. ;)