Craving a summery small bag - looking for modeling pics!

  1. All my bags are big. I'm craving a small bag for just the essentials. AND it *must* be summery! I have 2 large hobo's in black and chestnut (blah - boring!) - so I'm trying to stray away from the hobo - even though I LOVE the style...and it's still in the back of my mind... I really love this bag:

    But I'm afraid it may be too small...? Anyone have modeling pics of them and one of the pouches?

    All recommendations welcome! :yahoo:
  2. I got this little set and I think it's perfect for summer.

  3. Very cute Tracy!!
  4. :supacool:
  5. really like ^
  6. That's gorgeous. I'm looking for something summery as well. I'll keep my eyes on this thread.
  7. Both are adorable! Also the legacy shoulder zip or shoulder flap in white are both beautiful and summery!
  8. [​IMG]


    Here are the legacy bags! Bethy, I love that bag too, it's so cute!
  9. How hard is it to keep the white leather purses cleaned? Any pointers. I have been eyeballing the pleated leather from eBay and wanted to get ideas from you the experts. Thank you!
  10. ^^ The pleated leather hobo is a different leather than the legacy leather. I think it may be easier to keep the pleated leather clean. I got the Ali in white and carry baby wipes in it now to keep it clean! I have the pleated hobo in chocolate though and it's wonderful leather, very soft and squishy!
  11. so i got this last year at the outlet and wore it all summer. i love it! this bag is pretty small but i still love it (size reference is am 5'1.5'' and around 115) this year i am hoping to add something green and a lil bigger...not sure what yet!

    oh and so sorry, i took it with my iSight on my Mac and for some reason all the pics are always inverted...

  12. I got this one for Spring/Summer:


    There are some (?) on Ebay for $159.99 (not including shipping).
  13. I really don't like ebay - too risky for me, especially with designers I don't know how to authenticate, like Coach. :s

    How are the outlets looking? Anyone been to woodbury lately?