Craving a Peppermint? (I am now a Minkette, REVEAL!)


Eleventh & Sixteenth
May 7, 2008
I am a huge bag lover had have been trying to expand my collection for a while now, I must say I visited this part of the Forum and fell in love with the Morning after bag, seriously i became obsessed within a matter of hours. It took about a week before I finally pulled the trigger and got my first MAB!

through my obsession, I love all of the fellow minkette's bags, but the one i have purchased i dont think anyone has yet....

I chose something with alittle flavor (like a peppermint candy cane!)... but yet something that has my university pride in which I can wear to the football games and support my dbf GO UTES.

So I thought I would provide the Model Pictures from a website site, then the actual photographs from my Blackberry (sorry for the poor quality)




And now for my personal pictures, sorry they are at my office... lol but i wanted to show her in real life, and even for being part nylon shes so squishy and fun! I just adore her, and shes got enough room for my school books and everything else I need for daily life.



And the best part, I scored her for a mear $175!? im still in shock!

:yahoo: Im so happy to be a minkette and join this forum :yahoo: is a minkette charm for my lady:graucho: