Craving a new wallet for my raspberry stella...

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  1. I just bought the Rasberry Stella with the brushed silver hardwear:yahoo:, and now im craving a new wallet, im thinking I want something in a bright contrasting colour....
    any recommendations would be appreciated!!
  2. how about the mbmj airliner wallet in foam. it would be a great pop of color against your raspberry stella. they might make a bigger version.


    from the collection line, the plum quilted zc might be nice. it's more of a lilac than it is plum, but it's a very pretty spring color. here's a picture of a wristlet from ebay for color reference.

  3. GREEN!!! Green would be amazing! I like the idea of Lilac or plum a lot too.
  4. ohhhh im loving the MBMJ airliner that a current collection that i can find in stores right now?
  5. oooh i might try to find something in a bright grass green....that would be so nice together and it would be easy to find in my bag:tup: