Craving a mono speedy...because I want to see it Patina!

  1. Well, this is kind of like Part II to my 'Missing my Speedies' post, LOL!

    I have been browsing through older threads here in the LV forum and I found myself drooling over you guys' mono Speedies with gorgeous deep honey patina! Honestly, that was the reason I'd gotten a mono 30 Speedy last get it to Patina! Sadly, I sold it last month to help fund my (gorgeous) Chanel Jumbo needless to say, I never got to see it turn color.
    NOW...I am wanting one again...but kind of debating as to which size, 25 or 30. And how long would it take to get it to develop into a warm, rich (and even) honey-color?

  2. I owned a Speedy 30 a while back. I rarely used it so I sold it on eBay and used the proceeds to fund my BH. While I love BH, I kept thinking about Speedy! I caved and bought the Speedy 25, thinking that would be better. I wanted it to work so badly since that's the size Audrey Hepburn had and having something she had is just neat. BUT, it was too small for me. I quickly exchanged it for the 30 - AGAIN!!! I have agonized over Speedy. I am sooooooooo glad Speedy is back in my life and I will never let her go again. In fact, I see more in my future.

    As far as the patina goes, for some reason it takes my bags a LONG time to Honey. Perhaps my hands have very little oil...I don't know. I have been using my BH everyday for about 4 months and the color is still pretty light - no where near honey. I think the patina depends on how much you use the bag, the oils in your hands, etc.
  3. 30!!! I LOVE the patina...I got the noir Mirage Speedy, and the only thing I dislike about it is that the handles won't patina, since they're patent.
  4. I think it's also about how you take care of them (or not). I don't put mine in their dustbags, but just leave them out. I think that accelerates the process.
  5. BacardiGirl,

    I thought that you got the Chanel Medallion tote. Did you exchange it for the Jumbo Flap? I thought that you loved the Medallion tote. Well anyway.... I think that you should get the 30 and leave it out without the dustbag. It will begin to darken before you know it. But it is like waiting for the water to boil. If you stand over the tea pot and wait it seems to take forever. Just leave it out and don't think about it too much and it will start to change. Good Luck! :yes:
  6. 25 hands down. i have gotten it for bout 3 yrs but it hasnt patina yet. but i dont really use it often.
  7. I use mine pretty much everyday. I have had it for about a year and a half. It's the 25 and it has developed the most beautiful patina - a golden honey color. I love this size even though most people prefer the 30. It was just a little too big for me (I am 5'3). I don't carry all that much and this size is perfect for me.
    I also have to say I have never had problems with the vachetta on the handles. I never treated them and they have never gotten dirty. This is my throw around bag - I don't baby it or leave it home on rainy days and it's still perfect. I looove my speedy and wouldn't give it up for anything!
  8. I think you need to be patient if trying to get a good even patina....I have been using my 40 lately, as I want to to get it's need to add the speedy back to your collection !!

  9. I did have the Medallion for a short while, and even though it was gorgeous, it was hard to get in and out of and didn't hold as much as I thought, so I exchanged it for the Jumbo Flap. (I made a post about it but it probably got lost in the shuffle lol)
  10. If you want it to patina fast, leave it in the sunlight or under a strong light. I was in a store and speaking to my SA, when someone came in an bought the display model of the Beverly, she wanted the display model because of its patina. SA said with their warm lights it only takes 2-3 weeks for the display models to develope that honey color
  11. Great advice, thanks!
  12. I can totally relate. I bought the damier alma as my first LV and loved it instanty. But I felt a little ripped off that there was no vachetta to watch patina. I ended up buying the cabas mezzo just so I could have the traditional mono canvas and the vachetta. I love the bag, and I get tons of use out of it, but I laugh when I think the prime reason for purchasing it was to own a bag with a nice patina...:upsidedown:
  13. /nod...
    and I would like to buy it brand new to start fresh, rather than buy a used one with a patina already developed.
    My Palermo has not started to patina yet after a month and a half, but I kind of like that style more on the pale side. The Speedy, however, just looks downright gorgeous with some 'color' to it!