Crave flap bag

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  1. Hello Chanbal thanks for your reply! Yes the Crave has ruthenium hardware. How is your Crave in terms of care and maintenance? It's a beautiful edgy bag. It looks durable as well.
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  3. Have you checked out Now & Forever? It comes in two sizes, and in both lambskin (matt gold hw) and caviar (not too sure about the hardware). Check out hollyyih's reveal. Here's a pic of the bag in lambskin.

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  4. Hello sweetpea33, thank you so much for the pictures. Yes I've seen this bag (didn't know its name till now thank you!) and it's lightweight and beautiful - just that it is too similar to my black jumbo in GHW. Actually the weight of my jumbo is killing me so that's why I'm constantly thinking of getting a lightweight (yet pretty) flap.. The Crave is really edgy compared to the classics.
  5. I have the jumbo size and I highly recommend it (lightweight, roomy, and maintenance free). I hope you will be able to find one for you.
  6. I tried the crave on and I instantly fell for it. It didn't impress me sitting on the shelf but I like the edginess. I like how it's a big and roomy bag but still lightweight and you can cross body it but if you wear long on one shoulder it still kinda hits me at a pretty nice place!
  7. Thank u for all your kind and helpful comments!
  8. Dear sweet ladies, I brought my Crave home last night and I'm a happy person today :smile: thank u so much and I'm so glad! Here's a picture of her to share with all of you. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1400809920.203378.jpg
  9. Gorgeous!! Does it hav a back pocket like the classic? Wonder if it comes in burgundy..
  10. It doesn't have a back pocket. It came in burgundy, beige, black, navy, and I believe in green as well.
  11. Congrats, it's a great bag. The jumbo size has the same space as the reissue 227 and weights a lot less.
  12. Congrats!!!! It's such a beautiful yet functional bag, enjoy!
  13. Thank u Chanbal & luv_handbags! (Sorry I don't know how to do a reply to several quotes at a time.)

    I'm letting my heavyweight classic jumbo rest for the time being while I enjoy this new light weight baby!
  14. Where did you see the burgundy cc crave flap? I am so looking for it! Have you seen it lately?
  15. There is one in Perth..... :tup: