Crate & Barrel totes.... who knew?

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  1. Attached Files:

  2. They do look nice. I like the zipped middle compartment.
  3. Good find. It looks very versatile.
  4. Pretty berry red color. I wonder if these would fit my laptop.
  5. Very cute. I just saw them in the catalog too.
  6. Those are really cute. They look very practical and good toss around tote. Has anyone seen them in real life? If so, what's the leather like?
  7. They do look nice. I especially like the red one. May have to get one and see it IRL. Can always send it back if it's not nice!
  8. The scarf tied on the black one gives it some nice pizazz!
  9. I am bumping this thread as I just purchased one of these! I had no idea that Crate and Barrel had totes and I had been looking for an orange tote for a few months when my eye fell upon one in orange! I love it! They were clearancing out the orange and lime green ones at $70! What a fabulous purchase and I so should have gotten the green as well!

    For the Fall they have a beautiful raisin color as well as black and a blue!
  10. Thanks for bumping! I like these!
  11. Very nice, indeed!
  12. 20 wide, it should fit a laptop no problem :smile: and the middle can be for cords!
  13. No problem! It is a wonderful diverse bag that can fit a ton!:biggrin:

    The middle is only snapped in, so you can remove it. I love this tote!