Crate & Barrel - Ideas for discounting?

  1. Hi: We're about to make some major furniture purchases at C&B and was wondering if anyone had any codes, etc. for on-line purchasing.

  2. Sorry, there are never any codes for Crate & Barrel. I am surprised they even offered free shipping on qualified purchases over $100 right now.
  3. This is a long shot, but if you open a gift registry there they will give you 10% off to complete it. Maybe you need to throw a housewarming party or get married...? :p
  4. I don't think I've ever seen codes for C&B. Otherwise I would be saving myself a lot of $$$...
  5. If you register a move, they give you 10% off coupons.
  6. Interesting, anyone done this? (Bearing in mind none of our friends would actually buy us anything?)
  7. you could also try buying C&B gift cards -- the discount isn't huge, but people are often selling cards on eBay. if you have good friends who are getting married, you can throw some stuff on their registry right before their wedding and then buy it afterwards with their coupon (i think they will get maybe one coupon to buy leftover stuff from their registry after their event date).
  8. AbbytheBT, try checking to see if you could redeem gift cards from any of your credit card reward points program. I know we were able to redeem gcs from Wells Fargo credit card program. Hope this helps.
  9. OKAY !- This is good - some creativity going on here .....!!:smile:
  10. Do you even need a reason to get a registry?

    Just get one.
  11. I worked at Crate a couple of years ago - the only way to get a discount is to work there (30% off increases for 40% after 5 or 8 years - can't really remember) or use your AMEX credit card points to buy merchandise. They do not issue any discounts for opening a Crate credit card, to purchase leftover registry items, and nor do they send any "congrats on your new home" or "welcome to the neighborhood" coupons.
  12. Surprise! - We're going to get 10% off on any unpurchased items on our registry for our housewarming party we're giving in a few weeks. This was sent as part of our confirmation e-mail:

    Would be nice if the friends/relatives bought all our desired furnishings, but good to know we don't have to be disappointed ....;););)
  13. You can make a registry online for nearly any reason. I just moved into a new place and put a whole bunch of stuff on a registry and did not purchase a thing. Then about 2-3 weeks after the event date (you can totally make it up) I received 2 10% off coupons, one to use in store and an automatic one for the rest of my online list. The only catch is that the online coupon must be used to purchase whatever was on your list but the in store can be used on anything. This tactic also works with Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, and Restoration Hardware.