Crate and Barrel Furniture - Opinions on Quality Please

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  1. Has anyone here bought any furniture from Crate and Barrel? I love how their furniture looks online and in their catalog and they seemed comfortable in the store (I'm looking at their Axis chair in leather) but I'm not sure how they hold up to daily wear.

  2. Most of Crate & Barrel's stuff are of great quality... and the Axis chair do have a 5 star reviews so far.

    For me though... when buying leather sofa seating furniture, my best bet is "Nicoleti Italia" Italian leather collection... their build is wonderful! I have just moved and a heavy box is resting on my hubby's fav. sofa.. so an indentation is created which we worried will not come up. But viola, we just shifted it's gravity by tilting the sofa the other way... sure enough it pops up and the indentation disappeared!

    And this sofa is very well worn and have been with us for 10 plus years already with many many moves... and still looks brand new. It really is in how they are build.
  3. I can't comment on their leather couches in particular, but I have the Willow sleeper couch and I LOVE it. I was also very very impressed with Crate and Barrel's customer service throughout the ordering and shipping process.
  4. Thank you so much for all of your replies. I appreciate it.
  5. I remember once seeing something on Pottery Barn furniture being lousy quality and just essentially particle board but I don't think I have ever heard anything about C&B. Did you try googling to see?
  6. I know I'm a bit late, but I have quite a bit of C&B furniture and I have mixed feelings on the quality.

    I really like my bedroom set, but the wood is very soft and scratches/dents easily. It also attracts a lot of dust.

    I also have a C&B sofa & I would never buy another sofa from them ever. It started off insanely comfortable, but the cushions are unevenly worn, have gotten very thin and it seems like the support has started degrading. You can't sit on the sides of the couch since they sit too high and slope toward the center, and the middle of the couch is like a sinkhole. It's also feather-stuffed and I find several feathers poking out of the cushions every day.