"Crash Victim Wrongly Declared Dead Dies"

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    Beyond messed up.

    Can you imagine coming to and finding that your best friend of 18 years was dead? And you were driving the car (not that it was her fault)?
  2. OMG. how can they did this. this woman might still have a chance to survive had she been rushed to the hospital right away. wonder if the family is going to sue.
  3. Uh, I thought only a DOCTOR could pronounce someone dead at the scene? Maybe I'm wrong... probably am, since I've seen bodies on the freeway and the like with a yellow tarp over them...

    But still, she should have been transfered to the hospital. It aint over til it's over.
  4. ^Depends on the state and what the med. team is made up of- EMT, paramedic, etc. In some cases doctors are in the ambulances. In my state an ambulance isn't allowed to transport a dead body. So if they die in the ambulance, CPR is performed until they get to a hospital. When the paramedics are called out, a coroner or ME usually comes out, too. If a person is pronounced dead at the scene, the ME has to take them.
  5. Just read the article- it sounds like the fire dept is the one who said she was dead? I dont know anything about fire dept training but I assume they are taught lifesaving right?

    The story was so sad :sad: I feel so terrible for this person's family and friends!
  6. It's just so sad.
  7. what the HELL. that really... sucks... i would be so furious
  8. woah that's messed up. You know now I wonder if it happens more than we know...like someone could be alive and thought dead but actually die before the coroner or whoever gets there to take the body. Scary... But I thought only certain people could pronounce them dead. Guess I'm wrong.
  9. It is really sad... When its your time to die, its your time to die... When I was little, and heard learned about death, I always used to think what if, what if she never drove that day... Things like that, but now I have a diffrent perspective about death, If you are meant to die, you will die no matter what....
  10. It's really sad when someone dies when it could have possibly been avoided/prevented.
  11. Oh god....the family is so going to sue for everything they can get, that's for sure. But that's just dumb and so so sad at this sad at this point.
  12. I'm thinking of having "Are you SURE I'm dead?" tattooed on my chest.