Crash Course in Shoes

  1. Hey all! I'm new to the shoe side of TPF, and I was wondering if you guys could help me out with some pretty basic questions:

    Are the higher-end shoes (CL's, Manolos) really worth the $$$? If so, why?
    Which shoe brands have you found that really hold up well?
    Which shoes offer the best quality for what you pay for them?

    And finally, what's your favorite brand and why?

    Thank you so much!!!
  2. IMO they are definitely worth the $$$!! I find that they fit much better and are much more comfortable than shoes that are in the $200 and below range, and between the style and craftmanship I find that the higher end shoes just truly offer so much more visual appeal. IMO, no one does a heel that can just absolutely take your breath away like CL, Manolo, Brian Atwood and Prada (those are also my favorites!!)
  3. i love sigerson morrison
  4. i have a few manolo's & CL's among others.
    i love their unigue beauty/and style. whenever i need an "eye catching" shoe i know i can find exactly what i am looking for in the high end shoe department.
    IMO they are like a piece of art.

    are they worth the money? well, that depends on your means.

    i love them & don't have buyers remorse. i also love shoes too much to just stick to one brand.

    GL and let me warn you, once you purchase a high end brand it will be hard to go back. :smile:
  5. Thanks for the replies!! Looks like I have some shoe shopping to do! My problem is that there aren't too many stores around here that carry higher-end brands so I may have to resort to online shopping, which isn't exactly trying-on friendly :s
  6. $$$ shoes are definitely worth it!
    I think Prada shoes are probably the most comfy, followed by Manolos - at least in my opinion. I have many pairs from both brands that have held up fabulously for years now. CLs are all the rage these days, but some are more comfy than others, and you can expect to replace the heel taps on some of them fairly quickly. Overall, I'm really a Manolo girl because I just love the unique and classy designs. I feel like when I wear CLs, everyone else will have them, too
  7. Once you've tried on a designer shoe (irrespective of brand) then you'll "get it" and all your questions will be answered ;)

    My personal preference is Jimmy Choo followed by Stuart Weiztman I can dance all night in those shoes.
  8. I'm glad you mentioned Stuart Weiztman, because I just found these super-cute ballet flats....

    ...but I think I might like these Prada ones more:

    In fact, I may already be in love with them :girlsigh:

    Thanks for your comment mich327, I usually have trouble with ballet shoes in particular, because I'll get blisters on the back of my heel. But since you mentioned prada's are so comfy, I might just have to go for it!