Craquele Owners...Opinions Please!

  1. For those of you who own 10th Anniversary Craquele bags, I would love your honest opinions.

    Do you find yours to be versatile?
    How has yours held up?

    I am not a standard black bag person, so I thought a Black Craquele City might be just the thing...and it would be something outside my comfort zone, which is a good thing! :p

  2. I have two craquele city bags, one in the black or "noir" and one in the bronze, which I purchased secondhand but NWT. Both authenticated here and lovely quality in person, so I am sure they are authentic.

    Versatile? I would say the black craquele city is probably not as versatile as the regular lambskin or goatskin black city but it might still be a good bag option for you as you say you are not a regular black bag type of girl. The craquele is a suede (please help me out b bag experts if I am off base about what material it is), so it is a little less pliable than the typical smooshy lambskin/goatskin. It doesn't get quite get thrown over the shoulder as easily if that makes sense. And as the craquele has a (in my opinion) lovely shimmer, some might say that makes it a little more dressy or outfit specific, whereas a black city in lambskin/goatskin goes with pretty much anything from what I can see.

    They have held up fairly well considering they both got some hardcore usage in their new lives with me. Not daily use for years, but rather off and on for 1-2 years now and still lovely. I do have a lot of other bags I rotate regularly, so it has not been incessant usage, but I have 3 kids and use the bags around them, so I think that might be comparable to daily usage :smile:

    One thing though I shold have mentioned earlier...I do'nt have a lambskin/goatskin "regular" city bag, so I don't have personal experience to compare the two, just what I observe from my friends who have them and what I read on this forum.

    And although it seem slike regular lambskin and goatskin can be revived when it becomes faded and worn, I am not sure that these craquele bags could quite so easily be revived with regular conditioner/treatment. But I could be mistaken, so b bag experts, please do chime in.
  3. Thanks so much for this great review! I really appreciate it. :ghi5:
  4. Sorry - I got your pm but have been super busy lately.

    I agree with all of the above. I love my craquele but it's a different animal from my traditional black leather city. It's a bit more special - or dressy and also a heavier thicker bag (leather). It's also way more durable though because of that. While I haven't used mine a ton - it's still brand new looking.... as in zero wear. So that's a huge plus. I think it's a great night bag since it sparkles a little in the light. It's a special bag for sure.