Crappy day!

  1. I'm so upset! I drove the hubby's brand new 2007 Lexus GS to Wholefoods todays. I thought, cool, I found a big wide space to park the car. I pulled in, and I must have gone a little too far and I hear the dreaded sound of the front bumper scraping the curb! I reversed and moved the car back, got out to look at the damage and OMG there's a big scratch with peeled paint in the front and underneath side of the bumper! I can't possibly hide the damage, the paint is pearl white and now you can see the black stuff underneath. I'm so in trouble!!
  2. Crap, I did that to my 540i the first day I had it. The dealer can take that out very easily and make it look new. You can't help that the damn curb jumped out in front of you, geez.
  3. Bumper cover are easy peasy to repaint cause they are usually a different material (ie plastic) that the rest of your car. ;)

    Now had you curbed a wheel, then you'd be in DEEP, LOL!!! :p
  4. I have a beetle convertible and it so low to the ground. I have snagged it on those bumper curbs, and speed bumps. There ought to be a law!
  5. I did that. I was in car's a Ford, not a Lexus and I can't imagine what the costs would be for a Lexus..
  6. Oops, double post!
  7. I did this to a coworkers car!! Ouch!! Fortunately it was only $400 to fix.. but super duper embarrassing!!!!
  8. I curbed my Infiniti the first time I drove it. I never fixed it. You can't really see it unless you squat down, so it doesn't bother me. Plus I hate spending money on car repairs. :cursing: Sorry it happened to you!
  9. LOL, I curbed a wheel pretty bad on *my* BMW and my ex-DH went ballastic!! :wtf: This particular phenom really seems to rub men the wrong way :graucho:

  10. Ew..I'm sorry :sad:
  11. Yikes!! Hope you don't get into too much trouble! :s
  12. Now calm down, it's just a car. My advice to you would be.................

  13. I know EXACTLY how you feel! I did almost the same thing at the grocery store with my husband's M3. A shopping cart dinged his car over the back wheel, which is the HARDEST part to pull out. It cost me $500 for him to fix I feel ya! :sad:
  14. Oh, sorry to hear that...yuck!
  15. Eeek!!! I hope it all works out!