Crappy Authentic eBay Finds!

  1. I've been looking for a place to post things I come across on eBay that aren't fake, but are insanely overpriced - whether by the seller or by deranged bidders.

    First up for your consideration:

    Why on earth would people bid a Tutti Denaro up to $81 plus shipping, when they're still available directly from retailers (including LeSportsac) for $68? It doesn't even have good placement! In fact, I think it has awful placement. IDGI.
  2. I seen that one last night. I think it has good print placement. The ipod girl and the diamond on it. That is one of the best tutti denaros I've seen in my opinion. That is probably why the bidding has gone up so high.

    But if you don't like those characters then I can understand where you are coming from.
  3. I guess it is the one pictured. Sorry about the crazy editing. I should have read the entire listing.
  4. I know!!! They were in the outlet not so long ago.. it's crazy..:lol:
  5. These eBay sellers are banking!! :sneaky: You know they buy all their stuff at the outlets at discounted prices and then resell for these astronomical amounts!! :tdown: SAD!!

    although I must say, with the lack of LeSportsac/Tokidoki around my parts, I've been forced to spend above retail on almost all my Tokis. :push: I think stuff gets bid up so high because of the eBay-only availability for some. But that Ciao was just a little TOO crazy!! She must've really wanted an Inferno Ciao ... it does have really nice print placement IMO. Not $225 nice, but really nice.:wacko:
  6. I actually love the placement on this one. The devil i-pod girl, diamond, girl blowing bubbles & latte. I love it! And I was watching it until it jumped up to $81 and then I took it off my list.
  7. i was about to mention the location issue. here in pittsburgh, we don't have any stores selling tokis, so online is our only venue. thank goodness i just scored my tutti avventura on evilbay through a wonderful seller (if you're out there, thank you!!) for less than retail, even though this style wasn't for sale yet last time i checked on the lesport site.
  8. I think people get caught up in bidding wars too...
  9. Heck NO!! That's more than what the BVs are going for!!:wtf:
  10. I confess I had that Inferno Ciao on my watch list, but only in the hope that it *wouldn't* sell, and that it would be relisted for a slightly more reasonable price.