Crappity Crap - I don't have a Macy's CC - do I open one???

  1. I have the Carly demi in black on hold because I need a run-around bag with the kids, and a possible "going out" bag. And by "going out" bag I mean, to dinner. Nothing fancy. Now I just realized I don't own a Macy's CC. Do I open one to take advantage of the extra 20% off and get a bigger bag? Like the medium Carly? which is still considered "small" on my 5'10" frame? Or what???? I need a basic black bag. Here is what I'm thinking of:
    Demi Carly $152
    Medium Carly $277
    Large Carly (which could become an every day bag) $347
    or see if I can find a black Ali??? $347

    WWYD???? or any other suggestions?
  2. I'm so envious of everyone saying exta 20 percent off when it's only 15% off in my area if you open a card.

    to answer your question, if it's 20 percent i'd do it and get the large or med carly.
  3. I got one to get Coach at a Macy's and now I regret it because someone got my number and put over 4k on it and the way they're handling it is TERRIBLE. First off I had to find out about the purchases myself. I was told they should have called me about multiple 800 dollars buys. Then they have to send me all kinds of stuff to fill out and send back and it's still going to take a month. I've spoken to ppl who have had this happen to them and it seemed like it was a LOT easier then my issue is. I'm closing the damn thing as soon as I get it back and pay it off. =P Worst card service EVER.
  4. you know, I'm assuming it's 20%, maybe it's only 15%?
  5. man i'm stupid. i didn't realize you had to have a cc to get the discount. oh well! no carly for me!
  6. nooo, you can get the f&f 20% off with the coupon
    but you can get an extra 20% if you open a card.
  7. I just called, they said they will be bumping it up to 20 on wednesday for the sale.
    Now I just have to pray that I qualify, lol.
    Does anyone know if they are strict or hard to qualify for?
  8. I had thought about opening one too to get the extra % off (large carly would be $272 then :shocked:) assuming they have the carly I want, but I don't think it's worth it to have another card on my record just for a one time perk. I usually don't shop at Macys except for MAC makeup.
  9. I'm thinking of trying to open one and then getting 20% and 20% off what ever I buy and then just paying the balance off at the store that way I don't get a bill.
  10. You can always open it, put the purchase on it, and if they have instore bill payment, pay it off then call and cancel it.

    Kinda shady but it'd work. In the BonTon we have the ability to accept card payment at the register that way you don't have to mail it in and go through that hassel you can do it right at the store.
  11. well, i know out here they don't let you use the extra 15/20% off when you open a card on the coach bags, just shoes.
  12. It really bothers me how all of the stores (and really even the SAs) vary regarding discount/coupon policies. I had a $25 off Macy's coupon that specifically excluded Coach and my SA let me use it on Coach. She said that "she'd make it work." I really wish they would all do the same thing across the board so that everyone gets the same benefit.
  13. ^i know, it's annoying. either everyone gets it, or nobody does.
  14. Personally no I wouldn't do it. I would get in too much trouble with it.
  15. It's like that at our store too. We have coupons every week practically and either you have to have the coupon in your hand in order to get the discount OR you have to be a Marquis or Platnium card holder (the two highest) and be putting it on your card and you automatically get the coupon. Then there is a coupon once in a while that EVERYONE HAS TO have the coupon in their hand even the higher up cards.

    I think the SA's me including just give it to people because they feel they might make a fuss out of it if they don't and they just want the transaction to go as smoothly as possible. Or they could just be feeling generous.

    I know I hardly ever just give it to someone because the managment can see that and I could get in trouble over it.