Crapload of new Botkier on JCMadison!

  1. Thanks for posting, I'm gonna have a look through... :biggrin:
  2. Ooo, I like the Sasha satchel in Glass. Just ogling and drooling... can't buy :sad: ... banned till ???.
  3. I like the Sasha Satchel in glass, too! :drool:
  4. I was looking at the Duffle but I would never convert it into one so I am better off with the Hobo. If my favorite eBay seller doesn't pull through next month with this bag I'll order. What is the discount code and how long does it last. I love Botkier bags...
  5. wow. i really love this one:

    i haven't liked any new botkiers since the trigger...but now...
    and the color is fabulous!!!

  6. That's the one I originally wanted but keep going back and forth between it and the hobo. I think I'm going to get the one you posted there. It's just such a beauty. I like the Black or Pudding color.

    On a different note: I need advice...
    Can I kindly ask someone how to post a pic without having to use a link to open it? Is it my computer or Photo program? Because once the board stopped posting full pics a few months back I never could get tthem to open up fully again.
  7. here's the way i do it...right click on the image, 'copy image location' then click on the box above ^ with the mountains in it, insert the link, and there's the picture!!

  8. But I am using files on my computer, pics saved in folders, etc. I don't have a url for it, just a name that I named it. I can right click and go to properties but all I get is the link to my computer and that doesn't work.

    Say if you have a picture of your bag save on your PC taken by your camera. How do you get that to open fully without a link. I now understand how to get an online web pic on fully but still stumped about PC pics. Thanks about that part. It's easier than what I was doing (saving it to my PC and then inserting it).
  9. ^ Lexie2000: I have the same issue with posting inline pics. I read another post that said something like you have to upload to one of those photo sites and then copy and paste from there, like you do with the pics from store sites. Too much work for me.
  10. Oh....Yea, I do have an acct with photobucket but yes, it's more work. But do you think it is annoying to have to open a link? I guess I could do that sometimes.
    Is that the only way, anyone know?
  11. Yes, the photo has to be hosted in order to post without a link. Without doing that, the only person that can see it is you, being that it would be in YOUR docs. I use Photobucket as well.
  12. I am tickled pink. I just talked to my Buddy eBay seller and he reserved me a Botkier Sasha in Pudding. I'm not sure the price yet but he always has the lowest prices. The Kooba is 535 and he sells it for 369. So I'm sure it's a better deal than JCMadison even with a code. He said he is getting only the Duffle Sashas in Black, pudding, creme, bronze and glass.
    If anyone is interested I assume he would reserve one for you. He didn't tell me how many of each he ordered.
  13. Love the canvas bianca
    I hate purse ban
  14. Thanks for sharing :smile: