CRAP! What happened to the "Suzy" sunglasses?

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  1. they were on the website yesterday!? Anyone have the style number? I need them! I was gonna get them during PCE, but do I need to act faster?
  2. OMG! Are they gone? Panick Attack Coming.... I have been putting off buying those forever.:crybaby:
  3. Are those the ones with the little rhinestone butterfly on the sides?

    I'm sure you can call Coach CS and give them the name of the sunglasses and they could look them up for you. Just because they're off the website doesn't necessarily mean you can't get a pair. I'd call really soon to make sure though!
  4. there are quite a few pairs on ebay spelled suzie does anyone have a pic of themselves wearing them... they look cute.
  5. I got the Suzie's with the butterfly on them at Nordie's Rack for $49.99. Check there!!!
  6. eosgurl what color and do you have a pic in them...
    how do you like them are they medium or big? thanks
  7. wow, awesome - recently?
  8. the Suzies have been around for at least a year...I'm surprised they were online that long.

    Suzie #S446 in tortiose (the glasses are's my eyebrows that are crooked..heheh)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. OH dang I love them LOL yikes more glasses to love lol
  10. aww...those are so cute, deweydrop! I've seen several on ebay, but I'm not sure how to authenticate sunglasses, so I can't vouch for the quality...
  11. Woo hoo, I got the last pair of black from my store today. I couldn't wait until PCE.
  12. you know...i really had to stare at these before i realized what was off with them.

    no siggie print on the inside of the arms...and the # of rhinestones on the side don't match the authentic glasses.

    it IS hard to authenticate glasses on eBay...not as many characteristics and what not to look just have to be very familiar with the product.