Crap upload facility on tpf!

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  1. I really can't believe how awlful the upload facility is on tpf. I think for such a big website it's a real let don't. I had the funniest April fools pic but can't upload it.
  2. Gets worst the help link doesnt work.
  3. I got it working????:confused1:
  4. Theres def a problem by partner the I.T. Wiz kid resized my pics.

    Chaz you Aviator pic isn't even showing on my pc.
  5. None of the Avatar photos are showing - I think there may be a problem with the site.
  6. Yup definately, the site is not working properly.
  7. Hahaha!! If they are doing system maintenance it usually falls inthe UK time zone as its quietest for them being a US site,and if its anything to do with expansion and redirecting memory,they'll knock out the least important stuff while they are trimming down,such as thumbnails,pics and stuff like that,but allow us the facility to keep chatting