Crap, just noticed I got denim on my vintage ergo

  1. anything take this out?

    it's the vintage vachetta one.
  2. Wow!

    Can you call Coach and ask them about it? I've been carrying my vintage ergo hobo a lot and haven't seen anything like that (yet)...

    Were they new denim jeans?
  3. yeah i have the vintage leather one too, and no denim transfer. (and i *live* in jeans! haven't broken in a new pair of jeans in a while, though.
  4. If you have the conditioner from you can most likely get it out. This happened to me with mine when I wore a new pair of jeans without washing them. I did not know not to do this. I got this advice from entheos and was able to get most of it out. The best advice I can give you is to condition all your new leather bags with the leatherstuff conditioner before wearing them. In this fashion if you get transfer you will most likely be able to get it out. Good luck. BTW, I did not get my leatherstuff conditioner for two weeks and still got most of it out.
  5. ^^ I second that. I haven't had any transfer problems, but the leather looks really really pretty now that it's been rubbed down sparingly with the apple leather conditioner I got from
  6. thanks, off to leatherstuff...
  7. try a regular white eraser to erase pencil marks with!