Crap! I missed my postman today who had my Navy Paddington!!

  1. I guess I'll have to wait another day!!
  2. Don't you just hate that. I have a new thing now, my post office which closes at 4:00 pm, actually is open inside until 6:00 pm, so they let me come around back and ring the bell and I can get my bags after work--now if I could just make a fedex and ups connection!
  3. I really hate whan that happens can't wait to see pics!
  4. Aw, I hate it when this happens. I look forward to seeing the pictures!
  5. :push: I hate it too!!!

    When I know the parcel is going to arrive on that day.. I'll tell my mum to stay home and wait for the parcel to come. Haha~:p

    ;) BTW, congrats & remember to post pics!!!
  6. That makes me CRAZY!!! The other day I had something delivered and the mailman knocked..and I did not hear here! So 10 minutes later I went to check the mail and sure enough there was a slip I had to sign before she would leave anything..I jumped in my car and drove around the neighborhood until I found her...she laughed...
  7. Is it the navy with silver hardware? I love that bag!!! :yes:
  8. My post man is like the Charactor on Cheers (isn't that actor going to be on Dancing with the Stars?...I digress). Anyway this guy is so sweet, he'll call me in the morning to ask if I'll be around to sign for my package just in case I want to stick around. Here's where I don't like him, being from a small town (him not ME) when he delivers the goods I have to yammer (in my bathrobe, no makeup) for like fifteen minutes discussing the weather.

    I know what you're thinking, my robe is ugly okay and not revealing. He's just a chatty guy, arrrrrgh:p
  9. Does he come 'round on Saturdays? did you get it yet? Post pictures! :smile:
  10. This happened to me with the exact same bag! (I ordered it from Diabro.) My mailman tried to deliver it on a Tuesday, and I wasn't home. I put the slip in my mailbox for him to deliver it the next day, but I forgot to sign it, so he couldn't deliver it the next day either. And then because of my work schedule, I didn't get it until FRIDAY!!! I was dying!!!
  11. While I was reading your post I thought, "Man, that would SUCK!" but then I read that you chased her down. I would do that TOO! :p That is soooo funny.
  12. I wanted this bag so muchhhhh!!! But I'm trying to be good with my ban since we just bought a car and have tons of bills to catch up on. Congratulations and I hope you have full use of your paddy!
  13. Congrats :smile: can't wait 4 piccies :yahoo:
  14. another couple of sleepless nights for you - poor you!

    Cant wait to see her
  15. my local post office is open til 7, which is nice as I am not home during the day to sign for packages. Now UPS and Fedex in my area also has late pick ups, they are open til 8:30.