Crap! i accidentally stepped on, and snapped a tassel!

  1. :sad: I was in a hurry this morning, going up the stairs while holding my violet step bag and a laptop bag, and accidentally stepped on and ripped half of (one of the double strand) tassels off. The piece that came off is about 10 inches long. I will try to glue it back on. If that doesn't work, I might just untie the tassel, and re-tie it on, but balanced the length out.

    So be careful when you go up stairs!

  2. OUCH!! No spares, I presume? Have you tried calling BalNY? They USED to sell extra tassels....perhaps they still do...?

    (I came close when I once closed the car door on one..I feel your pain!)
  3. try gluing it back together with fabric/leather glue.

    I tried it on my split worked wonders, i now have fab (stuck together) tassles
  4. go call up bal.. my tassels split on my violet city and managed to get a fresh set in the store for free. :biggrin:
  5. Ahh thats nice of them! anybody have their number handy? Do they ask for proof of purchase or the bag serial number or anything? I have never called them before.

    I still have a pack of brand new spares... but only want to use those in a last resort situation :p I think superglue might work, I need sometihng really strong. I have used rubber cement on split tassels before, that worked pretty well, but this time, I need something that holds even stronger!
  6. same thing happened to me... i had to put the spares on :sad:
  7. I did this in the store the other day to my black day. I was so mad at myself!
  8. oh no sorry to hear!! balny # is 212.206.0872... sad that i remember it by heart:shame:
  9. lol mabli!

    I called for white tassels for my 03 white First that will arrive this weekend and the SA was going to charge me 5 bucks for an extra set until I mentioned a Jaune or Violet City- when I mentioned buying a bag I presume she'd throw in the tassels for
  10. they were really nice about it! nope.. i actually bought my bag from bal paris. i guess since it's violet and definitely from this season, they were more willing to give me new tassels without charging me?

    i know what you mean. the tassels on my black day from this season are already splitting!! i don't know why. it's never happened to me before with all my other bbags! i guess i use the black day most but still..
  11. I did that once to my Black 05 Work. Now one of the tassels is half the length as the others. I don't really care though. Sometimes the long tassles can get annoying hehe.
  12. GOOD LUCK, Hope you can get another set.
  13. yikes so sorry. that's why i sometimes am scared to use my rh bbags. i tend to have heavy hand.
  14. cherrie, thats okay. Just use that extra $10 you've earned recently to get a new set. [ ;
  15. I know it's taboo here but........I cut my tassels in half on my Twiggy because 1) to avoid this from happening; 2) because it almost touches the ground when I hold it in my hand (I'm 5'2") and 3) it doesn't look "balanced" with the rest of the bag. I leave my tassels the way they are on my Cities though, I won't touch them AT ALL!