Crap, help me decide please!


Bleecker or Bridget?

  1. Green Bleecker

  2. Black? Rose? Bridget

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  1. I thought I had decided on the green medium bleecker duffle, but now Bridget is calling my name. Which do I get?
  2. I love the bridget!
  3. These are two completely different bags. What do you want to use the bag for? I think the Bridget is just adorable but I don't find it too practical for an everyday bag unless you do not plan on carrying very much with you. I think that this bag can also be dressed up and you can use it for going out at night. The Bleeker duffle is a much more casual bag. You can use that everyday and it is lovely in the grass green (so glad you chose that over the rose!). There is also the added benefit of being able to wear it cross body so you are hands free. Are you looking for something that is practical and that you will probably get maximum use out of or are you looking for a special bag that you will use on occasion? If you have quite a few everyday bags already, I would probably lean towards the Bridget because it really is a lovely bag. However, if you need a bag that you will be able to use on a daily basis, I would get the duffle. The green color is great for spring/summer. As for the overall look of the two, I like the Bridget better as I find it more visually appealing but then again, I've never been a fan of the duffles. I think you need to re-evaluate what you are looking for in this bag purchase and then we may be able to help. Good luck!
  4. I like bridget also! I think this will be my next purchase I have so many Big
    handbags it would be nice to have a smaller one and wow did you see peacocky
    pics? how cute is that!
  5. Okay the name of your thread cracked me up!

    And I say Bleecker.
  6. Bridget in Black! I'm not loving the bleeker line. Bridget is very unique!
  7. You bring up some great points. I do have quite a few "every day" bags. Typically I carry my Thompson hobo as my commuting bag. It fits everything I need. On the weekends and on my lunch during the week I only carry a wristlet. I was thinking that maybe this could be my "weekend" bag? I don't like to carry a lot when I'm out with the kids, but the necessities are important - cell, ipod, kleenex, lip balm, keys and I guess that is pretty much all I need to carry. Now what do you think? What do you think about the Bridget in the "rose" color? I don't really need another black bag....
  8. I would say the black Bridget...the Bleeker is nice but the Bridget is so gorgeous. Bridget gets my vote!
  9. I voted Bridget because it is really a beautiful bag but it would be totally impractical to me. Even on my "just running out" days I carry more than that bag would hold. Too bad.
  10. Black!!!!
  11. Well, based on what you have written your needs are, I would go for the Bridget. IMO, it is a much nicer bag if you don't mind the smaller size. As for color, I think either would be gorgeous but if you don't really need another black bag, I say go for the rose. It will be a nice spring/summer color.
  12. I agree with biggestbaglover! Sounds like you don't need a big bag and you need a little color so I say rose Bridget! And then post lots and lots of pics so I can see it really, really well then I can decide if I want it in rose or walnut! LOL!
  13. I THOUGHT I read on another thread that the Bridget comes in camel as well. The Legacy camel (different from Ergo camel) is very pretty and would be a great versatile year round color. Rose is pretty but not very versatile. Do you have a lot you could wear with the rose? I'd go for the camel if its an option or walnut so that you can wear it with everything.
  14. I'm in the minority, but I absolutely love that grass green :heart:
  15. I also vote for the Bridget!