Crap day

  1. Me and boyfriend just broke up :cry: It is sad because we have been together a while and were planning on moving in together next month. I kind of sensed that he wasn't 100% secure with living together and we were trying to work that out, but this morning we got into a big fight over some stupid stuff and he walked out on me. I don't know if he is really angry at me for getting mad at him about never helping me or supporting me or if he is using this argument as an excuse to get him out of living together.:cry:
  2. sorry to hear about this.... i think its best to slow down for now, and give each other space and when things are calm, then have a heart-to-heart talk so you will know exactly what he wants and u can tell him what u want.. just let things calm down for now.... i hope u have friends whom u can vent to about this thing... we are here of course.. u take good care of urself..
  3. hey cutiepie21 - ***hugs*** ok... he's angry and hes walked out... just let him cool off for abit... i'm sure he'll come to his senses and then you both can sit down and talk about this situation and get more a of a clearer understanding... dont give up yet... if you love each other then i'm sure something will work out ... **hugs**

    please vent... us PF-ers are here for you **hugs**
  4. Sorry to hear about this. Hopefully after you both cool down maybe you can talk it out. It's better to confront any issues you both might have BEFORE moving in together. Good luck!! I hope it works out the way you want it too.
  5. I'm really sorry to hear this... Let him cool off then tell him you really want to talk to him. I always say things I don't mean when I am hurt/upset (just ask Vlad :shame:smile: Try to take some time to think it all over- and talk to him when you can and tell him what you told us... and just get it all out. Hugs!! Feel better :heart:
  6. oh cutiepie21 that's so terrible! I'm sure there was a lot of stress and tension in the air because of the moving in. I hope you two can work it out when things cool down.
  7. cutiepie, I'm sorry to hear that! *hugs* I hope things work out for you when the tension subsides. Take care of yourself, all the PFer's are always here for support!
  8. It sounds like maybe it was a lot of nerves. I know sometimes I start to pick fights when I get nervous or frustrated over something. I know it isn't a good way to deal with things, but that's what I do... and maybe he just really isn't ready to move in together and that isn't something you should push. Give him a few days, like everyone else has said, and see what happens. I wish you the best!
  9. Well, it's official. It's over. He came back to my apt with a car to pick up all his things that he has here. He gave me back everything that I bought for him as gifts when we were dating because he "doesn't want to be reminded of me." Surprisingly, I'm not crying. I am going to start graduate school in august and that was why we were planning on living together. He was going to move with me. But now I think I just want to go home to be with my family.
  10. I'm sorry to hear that cutiepie. I hope everything turns out ok. Please feel better! *HUGS*
  11. Thanks. Break-ups are crappy, but I'll survive. My family is very supportive and I have been talking to my mom on the phone all morning about this. She is helping me get through it.
  12. ***Hugs*** Sending wishes for a happier tomorrow!
  13. Family is the best!! Especially moms...:love:
  14. cutiepie.. so sorry to hear that!!!!!! thoughts are with you!!! had fight w/ bf today as well... kinda in the same place as you except for the moving in part. we're at that point in the relationship where we have to figure out if we want to keep fighting thru the problems or just give up and part company. it's a rough place to be, hang in there!!! :flowers:
  15. Cutiepie - I'm sorry to hear that as well! Hang in there! Sometimes, when people are nervous, stressed, worried, they pick fights. Just take this as a time-out and work through what you want, your goals. Everything else will find its place. Hang in there, sweetie! We're here for you!