the scarf print!!!

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  1. (this is another reason I want Coach #2 to happen SOON)...

    Got a teeny tiny spot on the scarf print today, dabbed water seems to be almost invisible...

    Can you scotch guard these things with spray or how do you clean them??!! I know they have cleaner for the LEATHER but what about my scarf?!?!

    I might just send that bag to the closet for romantic evenings if it can not stay clean!!
  2. baby wipes seem to clean pretty much anything...try that?
  3. Oh ty...I was just not sure what would STAIN the item itself if I used a soap product...I don't need a nice fat faded mark lol. I will pick some up today :smile:
  4. Water and mild soap should do it I think. This was recommended for fabric like the psatel scribble and the scarf print is similar but I can't say so for sure.
  5. My son dropped ice cream on my bag this summer while on vacation and when we got back to the hotel I used warm water and soap and looks brand new any bag I have purchased I was told by SA to use Dove ( or a mild soap) and water. No worries for me!

    Use that new bag, don't hide it!
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