wire mistake

  1. I bought a bag from let-trade as a Christmas present for a friend. When I went to pay from wire transfer, I did the stupid mistake of leaving out one digit from the account number (:cursing: :hysteric:); I didn't notice until an hour later. I told the bank immediately, but even though they made an amendment, they said that there could be a possibility that the amendment will be missed. The bank said that the wire is already in the system, and they hoped that someone will catch the wire. However, the funds should arrive to LT's corresponding bank in the US today.

    While I'm not scared about losing the money (because I know that if the number is wrong, the money will bounce back to me), but I just want to long will it take for the money to bounce back? I heard that it takes a couple days, but is this the truth? I just want to pay for the item asap.

    I informed the seller immediately and luckily he seemed nice about it. I just want to kick myself! :sad:
  2. Banks are pretty quick to pick up on that. We wire funds all the time from where I work. Mostly sellers proceeds for the house they sold (I'm an Escrow Officer), we take the sellers wire instructions from them in writing only. We cannot verify if they gave us correct info. Usually the bank account number is wrong. Occasionally after we send a wire the receiving bank will reject it based on the info we provided. The acct # and names have to match perfectly. Your bank should hear right away about a rejected wire. Keep calling them also, so that way they know to look for your rejected wire.
  3. Thanks for the info! I'll have to check my account to see if the funds are sent back to me (I was told by the seller that it takes approx. 2-4 days to get a wire from the US). It's just a major pain.