CRANKY - Tiffany's service issues - long...


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Feb 6, 2007
Hi ladies, just want to vent for a minute....

I own a pair of white gold Tiffany woven earrings, like this:

I bought them in about August last year and absolutely LOVE them. In about February this year I noticed one of the earring catches was loose and I was worried about the earring falling out. So work was insane earlier this year and I finally got around to taking them into Tiffanys where I purchased them on March 26. I was told it would be about 10 days for the service. So I went back on Monday April 7 after I got the call that they were ready and I was given them at the counter and I noticed that the earrings hadn't actually been repaired at all! They'd just been cleaned!

So I spoke to the sales manager that day and said listen, not good enough why would you not check an item scheduled for repair before calling the customer to come back and collect the item? She said she would have to send them away again to be done. So that was Monday. I got a call from the Tiffany customer service rep at the store on Wednesday 9 April who said she was sorry that the earrings hadn't been repaired, they were sent to their service centre in Melbourne as the centre in Brisbane didn't have the correct tool to repair them. I said I didn't know why this wasn't done in the first place. She said she would endeavour to get them back asap.

So it's been 8 days since I went to collect them from the first repair attempt, and I hadn't heard anything so I called the store and was told that they weren't sent to Melbourne until Thursday 10 April (last thursday) and they won't be back until Friday 25 April!! That's next Friday?!

I'm just so annoyed - it's going to end up taking a month to repair these earrings. And wouldn't you think that since they clearly got it wrong the first time, they would have sent the earrings for repair express post the second time to get them back asap. The service rep said they weren't sent to Melbourne until last Thursday 10 April (in spite of the fact that I explained they had not been repaired on Monday 7 April) because they don't send items for repair every day. I said to the Tiffany rep that I felt given that they apparently sent them the first time and it took 10 days in which time apparently NOTHING was done to them except a bit of a clean, the second time around they might have decided to make an extra effort to get it right and done as quickly as possible.

Imagine if this was an engagement or wedding ring and the wedding or special engagement dinner was planned and Tiffanys said 'Oh, sorry, didn't realise you actually wanted the item repaired, we just cleaned them and then stuck them in a drawer for 10 days before calling you. We'll have to send them out again, see you in 2 weeks!'

I'm really disappointed, I don't think I'll ever buy anything from Tiffanys ever again. I own a couple of items and I give a lot of their jewellery as gifts, but I think I'm done with them now. :hrmm:


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Jan 20, 2007
Sorry you had a bad experience. I would lodge a formal complaint if I were you because that's pretty awful customer service you've received.

I had a similar experience to yours. On August 3 2007 I sent my engagement and wedding rings away to be resized, it was supposed to be returned to me in 7 days (in time for my at-home reception). On day 6 (Aug 9) my husband took me birthday shopping to the store and I decided to chase up on the progress of my rings. As it turns out they had been misdirected to the wrong workshop (New Jersey instead of New York) and the lady I dealt with said she'd fix this mistake and promised to have my rings back to me within 2 days (Aug 11 - the date of my AHR). On Aug 10 and I receive a call from her. I expect that she's ringing to tell me my rings have arrived and I can come and pick them up but NO, they were still in transit and after they do arrive at the workshop they wouldnt be worked on till the following week because of the weekend. Again she makes another empty promise.. saying I'd have the rings by August 14, blahblahblah. That same day she sends me out a crystal bowl as a 'sorry we messed up' gift. I was convinced they had lost my rings and was pretty darn stressed out by the whole situation (they were my engagement + wedding rings, I was leavng the country in a few days, etc). I sent a complaint through to the head office and the next day my rings magically turn up :blush:

I'm still a Tiffany customer (have had very good experiences with the Sapporo and Brisbane stores) but I vow never to deal with the lady at the Seattle Bellevue store ever again.

I hope you get your earrings soon!!


Jan 23, 2007
I left a sterling necklace to be polished once & came back to pick it up on the day the following week that was on the receipt.

When I got there, the SAs told me that a link had broken during the polishing and that it had been sent in for repair! :wtf: I would have to wait another week

Nice of them to call and let me know, huh? Waste of my time and gas.


Chic, not cheap.
Feb 6, 2007
Thanks for the replies, at least I'm not the only person to have had a bad experience! I'm normally the most easy-going person in the world and I was so polite to the woman instore when I first went to collect them. It's only after the phone call yesterday that I started to think: Hmmm, I think I'm being shafted here.

I guess they're better at sales than customer service...


Nov 14, 2007
I recently had a chain repaired and they said it would be ready on March 24th or something and it was not finished until April 8th. So I was not too happy with that either. Maybe they are back on their repairs right now...