"Cranky" Ebayers in Answer Center

  1. Sorry -just had to vent, but figured I'd do it here where we are actually nice to each other! I'm a casual seller on eBay (buy more than I sell) - mainly to clean out my closets. I do ok, but am no pro and recently ventured into the Community area to find out some info. I can't believe how nasty and rude a lot of the experienced people are in there - they get pretty personal in their comments. Have any of you guys experienced this too? I don't use that area much because of that - I'd rather come here and be among "friends". Thanks for listening to the rant...
  2. I am with you on that. I don't know why they enjoy being so unfriendly, but I gave up on trying. Thus the reason I come here instead.
  3. That's the reason I never posted there anymore except on "clothing, shoes, purse board" - ppl there more friendly & nice.

    If you post your problem and looking for advice or help, you'll find they even don't give you advice but come after you ( your selling or buying items ) and start to "attack" you - thank God I met eBayer: orangecape there...
  4. If I need advice or help, I'll just post my problem here. Fellow tPFers are so nice & never "attack" us "flowers:
  5. Yeah - that's what I'll be doing from now on. I didn't get yelled at but they were pretty rude in their answers but some of the stuff I read on the posts - yikes! Those people need to get some help...or maybe a life outside eBay! Love tPF (except it's costing me a fortune);)
  6. Prior to my first Alaskan cruise with my DH in Aug06, I purchased several designer dresses from an eBay seller three weeks before we embarked. Prior to those purchases (BIN), I contacted the seller to explain that I needed these items for the trip and asked how long it would take to receive them. In the event they didn't fit or look good on me, I wanted to still have ample time to do more shopping if I so needed. She insisted that should I pay that very day, the dresses would be shipped the following morning by USPS priority mail. After paying and then waiting almost two weeks w/o any package and w/o the seller responding to my emails, I decided to seek help from the answer center. I had no idea what I was about to experience and I wouldn't want to repeat it. After I explained everything to them in the greatest of detail, adding that I had emailed the seller six times w/o one single reply.....they attacked me like a mad dog. I kid you not!!! One member said "If you had emailed me six times, I would've put your junk on a slow boat to China". Another insisted that I had no patience and declared that I would never survive on a slow moving cruise ship..also that it was my problem for having waited until three weeks before a big trip to figure out what I was going to wear. Nasty is not the word that I would use to describe these..these...people! I won't call them ladies because they didn't even vaguely resemble a lady. When my DH read the things that were being said it blew him away. It almost escalated to an all out war between us. Hehe! I immediately established a new Ebay ID as I didn't trust what these low class gals might do to me. To this day, I still am baffled at why they attacked me in such a savage way w/o ANY provocation whatsoever. Luckily, I was able to recoup my money through PayPal in addition to finding dresses locally to wear on the trip. Lesson learned.I too now turn to the ladies on tPF.
  7. Nah, I avoid that area of ebay. I have gone into the powerseller boards before and I could tell right away that I did not fit in, lol!
  8. i totally agree! i was having a technical problem with my auction so i posted and suddenly people were attacking me like, your pictures are terrible, your shipping fee is outrageous, i would never bid on your item. WTF!?
  9. My response is going to be somewhat different! I sell on ebay (a little) and have never been to the answer center either. There has never been anything major that I needed to know. BUT, just being nosy around TPF, I have been rather shocked by some of the threads and replies. I mean, someone will post a problem they had/have with a buyer or seller and some of the replies have been to "rip" the buyer/seller apart. There is nothing wrong with giving some friendly, knowledgeable, useful advice, that is what TPF is for:tup:! But let's say that someone buys something off of Ebay and say's that they were 'scammed' or the item was 'SNAD'. Although that is AWFUL, I think that some of the comments/replies have been HARSH AND VICIOUS!!!. It is impossible to know whether or not the person posting the thread is being honest. Maybe the BUYER is the scammer and not the SELLER but the buyer slams the seller to make them look like the 'good guy'. Do I sound nuts yet, LOL!!! But it is possible! We hear someone's story and although it is probably true, but instead of us all giving helpful, quick advice, it seems that some only want to say mean and hurtful things about someone else that they don't even know. Before anyone says anything, there are no threads on here about me!!! I just read them and sometimes I feel that comments made are too vicious and should just stick to the topic without the name calling!! No one likes their feelings hurt:flowers:!

  10. When we reply, I think the assumption is made that the poster is being 100% truthful. :yes:

    IMO, it should go without saying that, if they are not being 100% truthful, all opinions given are null and void.

    It would get pretty annoying, pretty quickly, to always have to answer; 'Assuming what you have said is correct...' all the time, wouldn't it? :sweatdrop:

    Although, actually, I used to do that and I still try to always point out possible explanations for the other party's behaviour, if I can think of any.

    No, of course not and of course you're absolutely right, but, if a friend came to you and said; 'My husband beats me up.' would you immediately say to her; 'Well, of course, I wasn't there, so I don't know if you're definitely telling the truth, or not, but assuming you are...'?

    No, that would go without saying and you would just give her a shoulder to cry on and any advice you could (while still, hopefully, keeping an open mind).

    That's what, I think, most if us try to do here. :smile:

    I also agree that, often, people tend to favour the thing they do more on eBay. So, if a seller posts, as most of the posters here are, primarily, sellers I have noticed that some members will tend to automatically defend them, sometimes, apparently, without even trying to see it from the buyer's point of view, at all.

    That does disturb me, somewhat and I also feel that it doesn't help the seller feel better, as it just reinforces her negative assumptions that the buyer is being intentionally dishonest/unreasonable, that may be mistaken. :s

    I have to say that I have very rarely, if ever, seen it the other way around, though (i.e. posters defending buyers, indiscriminately); unless what the seller has been described as doing is very extreme.

    I totally agree that people shouldn't name call - especially if there is a link to the auction, so everybody knows who it is that is being insulted (including, possibly, the person being insulted).

    But, to be fair, if the people doing the name-calling don't know the other person involved and if it turns out that the OP of the thread is lying, none of their insults mean a thing, anyway and should, therefore, be completely ignored.
  11. some ppl are just not nice nor patient
  12. I think there is a difference between being truthful and simply stating what you think in a direct way and being rude or abusive.

    I have noticed that eBay forums tend to get pretty rowdy sometimes - i've seen a lot of posts where people seem to type "stream of consciousness" and are outright rude.

    tPF is different because it is so well moderated and action is taken immediately against people who don't play by the rules. While I have seen borderline comments, you can't police everything 100% of the time, nor can you objectively state what one person will or won't take offense at.

    Sometimes, it's unavoidable, as people feel very strongly about certain topics and will respond accordingly. It's just the way it is. As long as they don't get abusive, vindictive or personal, I'm happy to let it slide - after all, they may not have meant it the way I read it!
  13. ^ :yes:

    Very well put. :smile:

  14. Ooh bag *big huge* I'm with you :sad: Just try to forget that nightmare... I feel the same. They even come after me, accusing me selling fakes, expensive shipping etc... Some of them said,"I bet my last penny, you're selling fakes" , "you're selling over $1000 but prefer echeck? Umm, umm..."
    while, I was posting there to get advice my problem with eBay's seller, not to ask them to review my listing.
    But ppl at shoes, purse board is nice :tup: