Cranberry Mia Maggie

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  1. Does anyone have this purse yet? I've ordered it, and I'm still waiting for it, but i'm dying to see it. :wondering

    Forgive me if someone has posted a reveal already, i did go through a whole bunch of reveals and didn't find a cran mia maggie.
  2. I was wondering the same thing....I have it ordered as well
  3. i ordered it and jax sent me raspberry instead of cranberry. i was super upset about that. make sure you check all the color codes when you get the bag because even my sale associate told me it was cranberry i finally looked at my jax receipt and there it said raspberry. i was to upset and didn't bother reordering it. i look forward to your reveals though.
  4. I have seen the cranberry mia (no pics I'm afraid!!!) and it is close to the crimson color; but, has a bit more darkness to it. I would say it's really more of a wine or a burgundy. On-line it looks like it might have pink undertones; in person, it was much darker than I expected. It's a pretty color - it was just too close to the Crimson Zoe I already own...shucks:
  5. in person, does it look plasticy at all?

    i hate ordering purses that i've never seen before, it makes me nervous lol, but then again sometimes it works out and i'm surprisingly happy =)
  6. aww it sucks when they screw up like that, i'd be really upset too, i probably would've reordered it though lol
  7. Yeah I am really surprised we have not seen a reveal yet, thought this would be fairly popular
  8. Don't you just hate that? I ordered a purple large Madison Shoulder bag and I've been dying to see a reveal LOL. Doesn't help that I ordered on Sun and Fed Ex home doesn't ship on Mondays grrrrrrr
  9. Would die to see this bag. I always like to see them on other people (or model pics on here) before I buy. The colors online definatly don't do any justice.
    Funny thing is, I've been reading posts for month and just joined, but I would literally look for posts on here to see model pictures before ever going out and buying myself. Hehehe.
  10. I didn't think it looked plasticy because it is the pebbled patent rather than the plain patent you see on some of the Madison Totes. I think those look more plasticy than the pebbled. HTH!!!
  11. I ordered, and returned - but ONLY because I bought the crimson Sophia first. First, it doesn't look plasticy at all. It's a beautiful color -similar to the crimson, but much deeper - I would compare the color to cranberry sauce, seriously! Very vivid, but deep - If you prefer silver hardware, it's beautiful. I prefer silver, however, I loved the sophia - and on it, the gold makes it more striking. I'd say Sophia crimson is a "WOW" bag, and Cranberry Mia is simply beautiful.
  12. Someone else on here said it was too purple/pink-ish...could that have been the Raspberry shade?
  13. Yeah i saw the crimson sophia, and i absolutely loved the color, but thats about it lol. The floor model i saw had been 'handled alot' and there were smudgy fingerprints all over it! It was an instant turn off for me. Plus i prefer the silver hardware, that and i don't find myself to be a satchel kinda girl anyway. I'm all about the shoulder bags and crossbody's. I like to be able to snatch up my 3 yr old whenever i need to and the satchels seem to tie up my hands.

  14. Yeah, they sent her raspberry by accident
  15. I bought the cranberry mia maggie. It is a deep crimson red - I have a crimson patent embossed turnlock wallet I got at the outlet & its darker than that, the color has some "depth" in it, if that makes sense! it doesn't look plasticky at all, the patent is a very soft patent, not stiff & plasticky. Hope that helps. I can post pics later if you would like.