Cranberry Christmas Cake! Best cake ever!

  1. I made this over the Thanksgiving holiday and it was so well received, the best tasting desert I've ever served and so festive with the cranberries. The pies went uneaten but this cake disappeared quickly! Highly recommended, I got 4 requests for the recipe that night.

    I sprinkled decorate sugar on top to make it look pretty, also had to cover with foil halfway through because it was starting to brown.
    cranberry cake 4.jpg
  2. Yum! Looks like a blondie with cranberries, but they say it's lighter than coffee cake.
  3. This looks really good..thanks for sharing.
  4. holey moley that looks amazing! I might have to try that...
  5. Thanks. That looks right up my alley.
  6. Just be aware that the cranberries are tart! I like the combination with the sweet buttery cake, so yummy.
  7. Looks delicious! I love cranberries so I'll give this a try sometime.