Cramps while running

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  1. I have been running on a treadmill for about a year. In the beginning I used to get cramps in my side quite frequently. that stopped and for months I have been running cramp free. This week the cramps started up again. I've tried running on an empty stomach and also after eating and it happens with both. What could be causing this?
  2. I've always heard you get cramps from not breathing well. You have to slow down a little and breath into the spot with the cramp to get rid of it.
  3. I used to get cramps, but only when I'd run on the treadmill after work. If I run early in the morning, I don't have problems. No idea why!

    Anywho, I followed advice similar to this to get rid of cramps and prevent them from happening.

  4. Thanx so much for the info. definately helpful. I'll try it out on my run tomorrow!!!
  5. DH says that cramps are caused by holding your arms too tight.

    Try and loosen your arms while running, let them hang a bit...
  6. The cramps could also be a sign of low levels of potassium. Try eating a banana or avocado or drinking an electrolyte drink.
  7. That use to happen to me. I use to lean to the side where the cramp was and stretch for three seconds then I was good again
  8. I heard you can get cramps also when you run, then slow down to a walk. My doctor says if I want to slow down, I should slow down to a job BC slowig completely to a walk makes your heart slow down drastically. It's easier on your body if you don't change your speed so quickly. It works for me.