cramping your style

  1. in your experience or opinion, which is worse for posture and/or shoulder soreness - handheld or a shoulder bag?
  2. For me, handheld.
  3. A shoulder bag is tougher on my posture and my shoulder.
  4. Shoulder for sure. But I am not good about switching sides. For someone who does, it could work.
  5. shoulder carriers:
    fine as long as you keep your side neck muscles flexible (the side u carry your bag on), balance yourself as much as possible by weighting the other side of you (any additional accumulations, perhaps a big H bag with a new birkin in it??!!!)
    hand/elbow crook carriers:
    hint: it seems shoulder carriers have a tendency to raise up the shoulder a bit, which can lead to spasms.
    I make it a practice to consciously press my shoulder down. helps me...great practice for WHEN i acquire my first Birkin. !
  6. for me : hand helds...
  7. for me it was shoulder bags....but probably it was aggravated by me also carrying babies on my right side and anything and everything else - so I felt my shoulder was slumping...I tend to carry handhelds on the crook of my elbow mostly...
  8. For me a rucksack (work/gym) slung over one shoulder. All my handbags are tiny and don't cause any trouble at all.
  9. Me is more handheld
  10. For me, crossbody straps are the worse!
  11. Handheld i find uncomfortable and I can't do a heavy messenger style either.
  12. Shoulder bags seem to irritate my back more, but I've always had back problems.:sad:
  13. If I carry a handheld, that's the day I decide to do a ton of shopping (without the car of course) and end up hauling multiple carrier bags as well as my purse. Such a pity that fanny packs are so awful.

    But handheld bags are still the chic-est, I think.