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  1. I know this is a little off topic since it's craigslist I'm posting about and not ebay but, we all need a good laugh once in awhile.

    This craigslist post is too funny..

    Craigslist has actually started a " best of craigslist " page. There is a lot of really funny ones here..
    plus, if you find one that you think is funny, you can nominate it to be on this page.

    Just thought I'd share.
  2. Yeah the best of craigslist has been around for a while! I like reading it once in a while. The best ones are when people are being dead serious. =P
  3. :roflmfao: That made my day. Oh man...that is one FUGLY "cat"
  4. I sent that possum one to everyone on my email list :tup:
  5. "Can I be your pumpkin?" is hilarious. :roflmfao: Thanks for the link. :P
  6. I guess I've been living under a rock because I had no idea this was out there- I really enjoyed this.
    Thanks for sharing!
  7. ^^
    I cried my eyes out on that one. :crybaby: It hits close to home with me because one of my dogs was a rescue from a puppy mill. I wanted to email the person who posted that but it doesn't have his email.

    Good find, Jeshika. :tup: I think everyone needs to be aware of what really goes on.
  8. yeah--all the e-mails/contact information are taken out of the 'best of' postings since they're put up nationwide and receive extra attention (and I third the sentiments about that shelter posting).
  9. This was on my local site.....just found it humorous!

    Craigslist Whack-a-Doo Buyer's Remorse (Mars)

    Reply to: see below
    Date: 2009-01-30, 11:12PM EST

    I really wish that anyone making a purchase from Craigslist for a USED item that is already being practically given away would not then come back a week later when they have Buyer's remorse for their $25 bargain and haunt the Sellers. Look carefully at your purchase before exchanging money and taking it home. If it is used and CHEAP, don't expect NEW & gleaming. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Nobody is twisting your arm or putting a gun to your head. I know times are hard and you're trying to make your dollar go farther... But don't take it home, stew over it for a few days and after your daughter objects in horror that you've purchased a USED product for her little Angel and she will not lower herself to use something that is less than new, then email the Seller asking to return it like you're shopping at Wal-Mart. In the meantime there are 3 other people that know a bargain and could have used the item more than you and the Seller could have sold it to. Or that are savvy enough to get a bargain and get a replacement part from the manufacturer for dirt cheap (still coming out with a bargain), all that takes is a google search and one tenth of the time it took you to soak some straps in stain treatment. DUhhhhhhhhh!!! Get a life and either grow some brain cells or don't shop through Craigslist. Go to Goodwill or WalMart. Then you can argue with the store manager after you've used something for a week and decided you really need the $25 more than the item you purchased. BLEH!! Stupidity.....I only wish there were a vaccine for it :oP

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  10. that's funny!
  11. I should totally start using this in my ebay auctions :roflmfao: