Craigslist vs eBay?

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  1. #1 Sep 27, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2010
    I have a bag to sell and it will be listed and hopefully sold at around $850-$950. But eBay takes out way too much, I think my math said over $70 and then there's still PayPal fees...
    But I've always thought of Craigslist as scammy and totally turned off by it. But I'd really like to not have to pay all these fees. If I had to pay any fee I'd be ok with just PayPal.

    I also worry too about lack of protection using Craiglist, like if they think the bag is fake (it's not!) either genuinely think it's fake, or are having buyer's remorse and want to return it to me and act crazy or something, I'd at least have eBay to go through whereas Craigslist I'd have to deal with it totally on my own.

    Do you think eBay is worth the fees? I have always sold on it but my gosh that's just so much money to have taken out of something I'm selling...

    Also if I go the Craigslist way would I have to ask for cash only?
  2. Have you considered Bonanza?
  3. Op, I've sold a lot of items both via craigslist and eBay. I will tell you that from my experience, eBay is the better market for high priced items. People on craigslist are generally looking for a bargain.
    Therefore, IMO I think you would be able to sell the bag via eBay much easier (if at all because the Bay has been sooooo slow lately!). But if all else fails, you could put the bag up on both and see what happens. If you get offers, come back here to see what people think and you'll get some great advice.
    Good luck!
  4. i agree with labellover81. for pricey items you'd be protected on ebay. maybe you could mark up the item a little to make up for the fee. i've found great items on both sites tho. i just saw a chanel flap listed on craigslist for $3000....
  5. if you list on CL, make it pickup and cash only. I have friends who sell on CL routinely, I can't ever make a sale, get questions, but nothing more.

    eBay is very slow right now.
  6. List on CL, cash and hassle free.
  7. Try craigslist because it's free, but don't count on it selling your item. Most people on CL are dirt cheap and want a $30 fake not a $800 authentic bag. Since everything is so cheap, your price stands out like a sore thumb. If you get a cash sale there, it really is quite worry free. Always meet at a public place, keep identifying factors to a minimum and only take cash.

    You will get the most exposure on Ebay, and buyers willing to pay a higher price for authentic goods, but it will cost you each time you list and you will pay a final value fee.

    Bonanzle offers a good in-between. Moderate exposure with only a small fee for the sale. If you have a high-demand item, this is a great way to sell it. however, lower demand items may sit much longer than they would on Ebay.

    Test the waters with Bonanzle and Craigslist for a week or two and then put the money into Ebay.
  8. ^^ Agreed. People on CL aren't looking to pay what an item is actually worth - that's just the way it is. The good thing about CL, as another member stated, is that the transactions are in person and typically completed with cash - thus hassle-free. I have sold a few items on CL over the years - furniture, cell phones, and such - and have always had great experiences.

    I would give Bonanzle a try. The traffic isn't as high as eBay so your item will likely sit longer; however, you won't be paying the outrageous fees that eBay charges these days.
  9. The only thing you will get by listing a pricey item on CL is a lot of scammers. I've listed expensive items in the past and I usually get lots of questions, but these turn out to be e-mails from people trying to get live e-mail addresses. The other ones are poorly written e-mails wanting me to ship to their husband/wife/2nd cousin in another country.
  10. That's not true at all. There are good and bad experiences everywhere; this includes CL.

    OP, CL isn't all bad! ;)
  11. OK, well then it's true for me and my area. I have not once had a legitimate enquiry from someone for an expensive designer item I have listed on CL. Again, this is for expensive designer items. I have sold well over 250 other items (DVDs/kitchen stuff/toys, etc.) through CL without problems.
  12. Despite everyone's resentment of the costs, eBay is still a more affordable and protected option than many others. Compared to consignment the costs are much lower, and I think tolerable despite the increases over the years. The most online visibility, too, compared to Bonz etc.
  13. CL is meant for local sales. You're not supposed to ship anything. If you mention shipping fees, methods, etc., your ad can be flagged and removed.
  14. I've bought quite a few bags off Craigslist--mostly in the $300-$500 range. They were all local meet-up and cash payments. TBH I'm not sure I'd be interested in buying anything over $500 on Craigslist, just because it's a bit more sketchy than eBay. I know fees are evil, but you can always mark the price up a little more to cover for fees. Also, even though $70 is a big chunk for fees, you're still going to come out $700 ahead in the end. Just make sure you charge enough for shipping, because priority mail for a heavy handbag + insurance can get quite pricey.
  15. Expensive categories are prime for scammers on either side. eBay certainly gets their fees but I can not safely bring millions to my listing and they can.

    CL should be considered local as others have mentioned, and someone mentioned meeting in a local place with as little identifying information as possible. I TOTALLY agree and go a little further.

    Meet in a highly public place in a good neighborhood and have someone with you. (Maybe in front of a police department with a bag of donuts and coffee? (Just kidding officer) :greengrin:

    The buyer assumes the seller is coming with a $700 purse and the seller assumes the buyer is coming with $700 cash. This is fertile territory for not only scammers but outright thieves. :sweatdrop:

    Many have great experiences. I have, but take that extra "ounce" of prevention and common sense.