Craigslist Sex Scandal

  1. This is pure entertaining and yet disturbing... :roflmfao: I have no sympathy for the people who responded to that sex ad.
  2. i know its mean what he did. but its kinda funny. for those that answered the as- and were married in relationships etc.. shame on them. im glad they were publically named
  3. It's certainly very difficult to feel sorry for that kind of person...
  4. weird.....
  5. It's the internet. You never know what can happen.
  6. Freaky!:wtf:
  7. hahahhahaa, those people who answered... man, they must be pissed off!
  8. And this is why I email with a disclaimer saying information is intended solely for the recipient.

    Ooooh this could be a potential gold mine !
  9. I read through all of this last night and cannot believe some of the replies. The one I found the most alarming was a guy whose e-mail address referred to him as a taoist, but was the most violent reply. What was really shocking, was how normal so many of these guys looked in their pics...and then would write the most awful replies. Unbelievable....
  10. It's kinda hillarious!!!
  11. :wtf: Gross.:yucky:
  12. Those mugshots scare me.
  13. weird