Craigslist or Ebay?

  1. I'm extremely nervous to list anything on eBay because of some of the horror stories i've heard about disputes and sellers loosing their bags along with their money.

    The three bags im selling are pretty cheap ( a small coach, a dooney "it" bag, and a marc jacobs) so its not that huge of a deal. They are all pretty brand spanking new and have only been used once or twice at most. I decided to list them on craigslist about two weeks ago due to my interest in cash and local pickups and have gotten some interest but mainly just low ballers on the price (which are already pretty low). I would like to just get rid of them but still get a fair price for them. Do you suggest posting them on eBay or just leaving them on craigslist until they sell? :confused1:

    If you suggest eBay, what precautions do you suggest i take when selling my bags?
  2. Do u have feedback already on eBay?? If you have less then 10 then don't do it but more then you should take a chance, because eBay will only open up many doors for you.

    Also, mind linking me to the CR listing?? I'm looking for a purse for my girlfriend.
  3. I suggest ebay only because many of the things listed on Craigslist are fake. It may be more of a hassle but there is a bit more protection for both sellers and buyers on ebay versus Craigslist.
  4. It also seems like people are cheapskates on craigslist, so it's not a good idea unless you have a very clear idea of how much money you want to receive for your auction.
  5. i have sold items successfully on craigslist. as its a free site, you can always post your item up and if you don't get any hits, then place on ebay.
  6. Thanks for your advice, people on craigslist ARE super cheap. I guess i will give ebay a try :smile:
  7. To protect yourself require that all Pay Pal bidders have a confirmed address. That way you are protected under the seller protection policy. I've actually used this..someone paid me with a stolen credit card--but Pay Pal did not take the money from me--they were out because the theif made his account a confirmed one!

    Just as a side bar..he was a friendly theif. He sent several friendly emails asking questions about the item before he bought it. I guess he wanted to make sure the pants he was going to steal were what he was really looking for?!
  8. I've done well on Craig's List too.. eBay just has a broader reach. I sold a car on Craig's List.