Craigslist goodies!!! heres what i got

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  1. Ok, I told all of you about the whole getting a bunch of clothing off craigslist! Haven't had time to take pics! but here they are!!!!

    I also got 15 pairs of jeans (not pictured, inclueded hollister, a&f and Aéropostale) and 13 polo shirts from Aéropostale different colors and some with strips etc. I dont think I even took pics of it all, seems like I am missing some stuff

    I kept some stuff and got rid of some stuff.

    my craigslist buys pictures by allthingsglam - Photobucket
  2. Holy scored so many wonderful pieces. Did you get good deals on all of them?
  3. I got a total of about 60 items, one lot from one lade for $30 and the other lot for $38 each lot had about 30 pcs in it
    I'd say I kept 50 of the items, the rest I either gave to people I knew would like them, or sold them at my yard sale. (one dress I sold I got $15 for at my yard sale.)
  4. Looks like you did pretty good!! I love this

  5. You got such a great deal & a lot of cute things! That's acctually a good idea to buy off of craig's. did you consider consigning some of those items? I know my local buy/trade place will give you 25% cash or 40% credit right on the spot for A&F, AE, Aero, etc.
  6. just checked out your pics - great finds!
  7. Great stuff! Love the dresses.
  8. Nice stuff :tup:
  9. Really great finds!! Love some of the dresses!
  10. very nice! congrats!