Craigslist advice?


May 20, 2008
Eastern Iowa
A few weeks ago, I contacted someone on Craigslist. They had 3 Coach bags for sale, I wanted to see more pictures of one of them so, I contacted them and asked if they could send me more pictures plus, I asked if they were willing to ship and if they take paypal ( since I'm not in thier area ).
After about a week and a half, I get an email back from them, they said they were sorry it took so long to get back with me but, they were out of town and that they still had the bags available if I was still interested. I said yes, I would possibly be interested but, I would still like to see more pictures and I would need to know how much they would charge for shipping and again, if they would take paypal.
So, today, I get another message from someone else. Both this person and the original person I talked to had email addresses that ended in
just different names before the @.
So, this new person who messaged me today said that they would be in my area next weekend but, If that wouldn't work for me, the other person ( the first person I talked to ) would get back with me about shipping.

I haven't even agreed that I even want the bag yet. I just wanted to see more pictures but, they haven't sent any.
Plus, I don't even remember where they were from but, I find it really hard to believe that they will be in my area next weekend.

What do you think? What could thier intentions be?


May 20, 2008
Eastern Iowa
Thanks ladies for your replies. Oh no, I wasn't going to proceed with this seller just because I have a gut feeling that they are up to no good. I guess curiosity got the best of me because, I wanted to know what kind of scam they are trying to pull on me?
I'll just cut off communication and leave it at that.

Thanks again!
Jun 25, 2008
Unless you want to be scammed or have a nervous breakdown, stay away from Craigslist. Why even bother--especially with a brand like Coach? That's asking for big-time trouble, IMO.

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Jun 4, 2008
^I've been very lucky through Craigslist - thanks to the purseforum, I know what to look for and ask for when authenticating. I always meet in person, though!


Jul 4, 2008
If they are being this odd about it, I would run. I'm sure you can get a good deal once in awhile there, but this one should pass. I've never actually bought anything off CL but I have inquired on bags etc. They have all been fake.


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Feb 23, 2009
I dont even bother with craigslist seems the ratio is 1 genuine buyer for every 100 emails!