Craigs List Scammers

  1. Has anyone ever had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a "person" by the name of Sandy Filippon? Goes by the name of dolce diva? :hysteric: :cursing:
  2. No, what happened?
  3. Long story. Basically, I'm curious to know if anyone has utilized Craigs List, and had a less than good experience.
  4. Please dont make peoples names public in threads..PM if you need to..Thanks!
  5. The name is false/bogus. I would never jeopardize someones privacy.
  6. Craiglist is shadier than eBay so I don't think many people utilize it to purchase designer items there. If it's for an apartment or something, that would be a good place to go though.
  7. no but I would like to hear the extent of what transpired
  8. I agree :yes:

    I can't believe how many still are being scammed into giving CCards to purchase things not local out of state. Craigslist even warns you not to do this.

    I have sold quite a few household items and made some nice pocket change also helping others get a good deal. It's great when used carefully.

    One thing I am not fond of though is inviting strangers to my home so I recommend meeting someplace nuetral and well traveled.

    You just have to be smart and be careful.
  10. ^^ Yeah, it's important to meet in a public place...where it is well-lit and with a lot of people around. I remember reading in the SF news that someone from craigslist got robbed by the buyers (they showed up with guns if I recall correctly :wtf:)
  11. Craigslist is full of scammers. I tried to sell musical equipment that was too heavy to ship, and received a few messages with people who said they were local, but wanted to "send" me a money order. They asked for my full name and address :rolleyes: Morons. I emailed them back, asking them to meet in a public place, and never received a response.

    Craigslist is super shady. If you dig around on the Web site or Google, you can find common craigslist scams.
  12. The new scam is with US Postal money orders. The scammer will send you an "official e-mail" from the post office stating that your money order is on it's way. My friend was selling a game system on craigslist a few weeks ago and someone offered him more money then he asked if he was willing to send it to them as soon as possible. I told him to call the post office to see if its a scam & they said it is. Please Be careful.
  13. Craigslist is FULL of scammers. However, if you're listing something and can meet someone local, it really is an awesome tool. I sold my fridge from college on there for 100 bucks! How awesome is that? No shipping or any of that garbage. You just have to use common sense. If that's lacking... well... I don't know, you might get scammed.