Craig's List Fakes....just bad!

  1. I keep running into this excuse..."I don't know if this is real, I picked it up for my wife in New York and she doesn't like it"...etc....

    What idiot would fall for this?

    I bought this for 149.99 when I was in New York. It is a perfect replica from the outside in. It has just been sitting in my closet since I got back so it is still in brand new condition. If you would like to come take a look at it give me a call at 503-679-8287 or leave me an email. Thank you for looking.
  2. Unfortunately many idiots fall prey to this....such a scam!

  3. I've seen many on my local Craigslist too. It seems quite common, unfortunately.
  4. I saw this recently (paraphrased)

    brand new, barely used hermes birkin....$1500....100% authentic

    mmmm yep, and I have
  5. Craigslist can be super shady all around, not just with these kinds of listings. Some good friends of our got scammed on a rental listing - they gave the "landlord" their security deposit and first month's rent and he disappeared.